Strike Industries Introduces Their Own Polymer G19 Strike Mag

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Strike Industries has started to delve into producing its own magazines for popular platforms like the AR-15. Now they’re getting into handguns with their first-ever polymer G19 Strike Mag. Featuring a standard capacity of 15 rounds, the Strike mag is compatible with all generations of Glock 19 pistols and is also compatible with Strike Industries baseplate magazine extensions. Strike Industries says that these new magazines are extremely durable, and also compatible with a wide variety of defensive handgun ammunition.

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Strike Industries Introduces Their Own Polymer G19 Strike Mag

Introducing the Strike Magazine for GLOCK® G19 (9mm)
A 15-round capacity translucent, smoke magazine body that provides easy visibility of your ammo, with a tool-less baseplate that allows for quick and effortless disassembly.
Compatible with most brands of personal defense ammunition and paired w/ our increased magazine spring strength the Strike G19 Mag provides great reliability and consistent performance.
Baseplate button includes drainage holes for debris and fluid to exit from.
The ambidextrous magazine release cuts allow for use with all generations of GLOCK® pistols for either handed users.
Ergonomic edges on the baseplate make for easy handling and a positive grip for speedy reloads. ID markers on the bottom of the baseplate make it easy to label your magazines.
Get your Strike G19 Mags now!
Each Strike Industries G19 Strike Mag is sold for a pretty affordable price of $11.95. However, you can buy disassembled 5 packs of magazines (presumably so you can add your own baseplate extensions to them) for about $50 bringing the total price per magazine down to around $10. As with any polymer pistol magazines, I’m often skeptical about their reliability and durability over time so perhaps I’ll have to pick a few of these up and run them through some tests to see how they hold up to typical range abuse. For more information or to order you can visit
Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • PoormettoStateArmory PoormettoStateArmory on Mar 11, 2024

    Please don’t suck

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    • Andrew Andrew on Mar 14, 2024

      @BaconLovingInfidel Same. I do have half a case of steel cased ammo to try in them, still.

      Meanwhile, with Ranger T or Gold Dot, a +2 Vickers extension on a 43 mag is a recipe for frustration unless you pretend its only a +1.

  • ARCNA442 ARCNA442 on Mar 11, 2024

    I'm not going to rush out and buy one, but I'm really hoping this encourages Magpul to uses its new transparent polymer for Glock mags.

    • Joe S Joe S on Mar 12, 2024

      @ARCNA442 Magpul was pretty clear (...) that they've been testing their TMAGs for a good long while now. It seems inevitable that they'd shift their lessons learned on those to their adjacent products, just a matter of when they get released.