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Alpine Green B&T TP9 Semi-auto pistol

This is the first time I have ever seen a Alpine Green B&T. This firearm is a B&T TP9 semi-auto Pistol with (or without) an Aimpoint Micro TL. The specific model is BT-TP9TLGRN and they’re available at Dakota Tactical, a company with a whole lot of cool [Read More…]

HERA 20160918_164351 15417924_10154198270864352_167545010_o DOA Hunter XP DunceRRA IMG_5004 A lineup of 5.56mm rounds. The two on the right are Mk. 318 (second from right), and M855A1 (far right). PASAM 01 SIG KILO2400ABS Girffin MK1 Flint River Armory - 660x414 ARVault - 660x420 Capture 374b1cbb4a1aa23dde2dcb92e6d5d061_a57674e3ca3cbcd8191550192a441443 (1) 2306952