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Shell Shock Cases

A company called Shell Shock Technologies has announced a new 9mm cartridge case design that uses two pieces and promises a variety of technological and marketing improvements. Shell Shock divides the case into two parts: the head and cylinder. The head is made of [Read More…]

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Carry Handles: Why I Like Them

The humble AR-15 / M16 carry handle is often looked down upon by competition and target shooters, but for applications beyond range duty this old school arrangement is convenient as hell. Besides looking neat and retro, carry handles offer convenience and still an excellent set of iron sights. [Read More…]

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M1941 Johnson Run and Gun

The M1941 Johnson Rifle is certainly uncommon and underappreciated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good piece of hardware. These unique short-recoil operated long guns served the United States well in World War II and were surplussed after the war, selling for less than surplus M1 [Read More…]

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