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glock 42

Green Laser for Glock 42

Viridian announced the R5-G42, a green laser sight for the Glock 42 pistol. The unit mounts on the trigger guard of the pistol and uses the same Instant-On capability the other lasers in the REACTOR series have. The unit ships with a hybrid, outside-the-waistband [Read More…]


Weapons Inspired Advertising

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression have a new ad campaign. According to Indulgd, CJFE is trying to bring attention to the risks journalists make and how dangerous it is. They laid out camera equipment in the shape of firearms and a rocket launcher. [Read More…]

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Ammo Prices: 09/19/2014

Week 25. Next will will be the quarterly trending and summary! Interesting ammo news this week too… The Brady Center announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against online ammo retailers that they claim supplied the Aurora theater shooter with ammo (among [Read More…]

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5.7x28mm vs .22 WMR

Military Arms Channel takes a look at the 5.7x28mm round versus your standard .22 WMR bullet. He shoots them out of their respective pistols. A FNH Five Seven and a Kel-Tec PMR-30. He even uses a SBR PS90 for the test. The test consists of seeing if over the counter [Read More…]