Friday Field Strip: WWII German G43

This is our first, of many I hope, Friday Field Strip. Each week we will do a field strip of a different firearm. This week we strip the German G43 rifle, which is essentially a G41(W) rifle improved with the addition of a gas system inspired by the Soviet SVT rifles. However, the unique [Read More…]

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New Fixed-Blade Knife From Hogue

If you’re looking for a new fixed blade knife to round out your kit, Hogue has you covered. New from Hogue International is the EX-F02, a knife with a fixed blade crafted of A2 tool steel. According to the company the knife was designed for durability and [Read More…]

HIPERFIRE_ECL Capture GA_01 meprolight1 DSCF6602 unnamed 2015-10-07 19_41_51-underground_01.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer Screenshot 2015-09-27 15.02.57 openboltassaultrifle1 Banner SIG 38 Super

SIG SAUER .38 Super +P

SIG SAUER announced a new load in its Elite Performance Ammunition: .38 Super +P. The new load uses the same V-Crown style bullet that is used in its other JHP ammo products. This bullet is 125 grains in mass and is loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,230 feet per second. [Read More…]


Ratnik: Russia’s Warrior of The Future

Russia’s next-generation infantry modernization program is in full swing, and while here at TFB we’ve covered two of the rifles, the AEK-571/A545 and AK-12, competing for orders as part of the program, but the program as a whole is more extensive than [Read More…]