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Final Newsstand Issue of Shooting Illustrated Is Out

With all the coverage here on TFB as well as on other sites concerning the recent NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) this particular announcement  seems timely. You may have heard that Shooting Illustrated was recently named as the third in what will become a trifecta of [Read More…]

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Random Shots from Day 2 of NRA Annual Meeting 2016

Day two of the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting was on Saturday, and accordingly the exhibition hall was packed with people enjoying the weekend browsing booths, taking photos with celebrities, and interacting with manufacturers. For me, the second day was time [Read More…]

0522161144a Griffin-Armament-QD-End-Plate-2 DSC_5338 RainierArms-v7-enlightened-lithium-aluminum-lowers-ar15-3 cover AIA M10, formally banned in the USA. Capture 13239034_1104190419604290_3391122642085209885_n comptac1 a248ab4838731dff18c54c95d5da3a32 trigger Jim Sullivan

Type 38 Arisaka Run and Gun

The Japanese Arisaka rifles are famous for being ludicrously strong, and the Type 38 was proven to be the strongest of the lot by various post WWII tests. However, does a strong action alone mean that the rifles are fantastic? Well, we take a nice example of a Type 38 to the run and gun […] [Read More…]

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NRA 2016: Awesome American Flag Guns by Nevada Cerakote

Sometimes you see a Cerakote finish so impressive or flat-out awesome you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to share it. Such was the case at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, which was held in Louisville, Kentucky (next year it’s slotted to take place in [Read More…]

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IDF and the Micro Tavor X95

A solider posted up some photos of himself and his platoon from back when he served in the IDF in 2010-2012. He focuses mostly on the X95. There are a LOT of photos and comments with each photo. It is interesting seeing the subtle differences and seeing how the guns [Read More…]