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TFB Review: The POF SMG MP5 – MP5 Performance Without the Price?

The venerated MP5 design is one that has lasted well beyond its practical use and into the modern age. The MP5 has made itself a comfy home in the minds of American gun owners due to a combination of real-world and fictional portrayals in the hands of operators and [Read More…]

The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol Enforce Tac 2022: A Match Made Under The Sun: HK SFP9 OR Line and Holosun The Rimfire Report: Reviewing the H&K 22LR MP5 Pistol and Rifle VP9 Match Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models BREAKING: HK Announces the Return of the HK SL8 H&K's VP9 series has gotten some recent updates, so we've revisited these refreshed handguns. Do you ever find yourself lost in thought about all the guns you want? I know I sure do. Here are some of them. TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #19: Angela Harrell - Heckler & Koch USA New H&K SP5L - The MP5’s Long Lost (Longer) Brother