[EnforceTac 2023] H&K Presents the Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

Luke C.
by Luke C.
[EnforceTac 2023] H&K Presents the Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

During the EnforceTac 2023 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, H&K has given us a few more details on the upcoming SFP9CC micro-compact carry pistol. The SFP9CC will have a ton of features that should make it much easier to adapt to for those coming from a full-sized pistol configuration like the H&K VP9.

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[EnforceTac 2023] H&K Presents the Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

[EnforceTac 2023] H&K Presents the Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

H&K’s first true “one and a half stack” micro compact will come standard with a lot of neat features that will put it on the same footing as the already successful Glock 43X and the popular SIG P365 platforms. The SFP9CC will come in a lot of different configurations including optics-ready and non-optics-ready versions, as well as versions with or without the push button mag release.

[EnforceTac 2023] H&K Presents the Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

According to the representatives from H&K, the new SPP9CC can be easily swapped with larger frame sizes or for frames that feature a dust cover rail so that weapon lights can be attached. H&K’s optics mounting solution will not eliminate your iron sights but instead uses a direct mount that works perfectly with the pattern for the SCS which happens to be the same as the Glock MOS mounting system.

The SFP9CC has been hotly anticipated and has been in development for quite some time but according to James Reeves’ interview with H&K at EnforceTac, the release of the new pistol is just around the corner as H&K feels that it is “almost 100% right.” H&K still has not released any hard pricing or availability details but the word on the street is that the pistol should be ready for full release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2023. Be sure to subscribe to TFBTV Showtime here for more coverage from EnforceTac 2023.

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Luke C.

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  • Anthony Ivy Anthony Ivy on Mar 03, 2023

    My Sig365 carries 13 and I've had it for years already...but the HK name says I'll have to take a look...still, this horse left the barn like 4-5 years ago.

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    • Militant X 1 Militant X 1 on Mar 09, 2023

      @Anthony Ivy It's not the horse that gets out the barn the quickest that wins the race but the one that runs consistently at its own pace. HK does just that! They waited and waited and waited while many brands jumped on the micro 9mm craze that the Sig P365 jump started. But, now it is time for HK to step into the arena of the micro 9s themselves and I am glad. Can't wait to snatch up my new SFP9CC. 😎

  • McGruff McGruff on Mar 26, 2023

    When will it be released in the US?