New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

Luke C.
by Luke C.
New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

XS Sights is proud to announce the extension of their sight offerings for the Heckler & Koch VP9 Optics Ready Pistol platform. The newest offering is the XS Standard-Height R3D and DXT2 Big Dot sights. This latest addition is preceded by XS’s previous release of their Suppressor/RMR height sights as well as their minimalist sights. This latest offering gives users more flexibility with their setup and allows for faster and more accurate target acquisition in both high-stress situations and when shooting on the move according to XS sights.

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New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

XS® Sights is pleased to extend its night sight offerings for the HK VP9 Optics Ready Pistol. Standard-height R3D with orange front sight and DXT2 Big Dot sights with orange or yellow front sights are now available for this popular HK pistol, in addition to the recently released Suppressor/RMR Height sights in the R3D and Minimalist models. All result in faster and more accurate target acquisition in high-stress situations and when shooting on the move.


The R3D is a traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post sight picture. With a notch 15% wider than the front sight, there is more visible light around the front post which gets you on target faster and more accurately. The dual illuminated front sight is equipped with tritium surrounded by XS’ proprietary orange Glow Dot technology which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The two-dot tritium blacked-out rear illuminates, giving proper sight alignment while not outshining the front sight, resulting in precise and rapid indexing when every fraction of a second counts.

DXT2 Big Dot

The DXT2 Big Dot sight leads the industry in size. Featuring a V-notch rear sight with vertical white stripe and tritium inset and a tritium front sight surrounded by a large photoluminescent Glow Dot in orange or yellow, the DXT2 Big Dot instantly drives focus to the front sight and downrange threat. This dot-the-‘i’ sight picture is fast and instinctive in high-stress situations.

New XS Standard-Height Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

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Both the R3D and the DXT2 Big Dot options have been very popular with concealed carriers and offer the operator a larger front sight that their eye can more easily catch and focus on as opposed to standard white dot or blacked out sights. The DXT2 option will be available in either an orange or yellow front dot. The new sight offerings for the HK VP9 OR pistol will be sold for between $116.00 to $143.00. Let us know if you’ve had any experiences with either the DXT2 or R3D sights from XS and what you think of yours!

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  • Biff Biff on May 03, 2022

    I’ve been ordering directly from their website. They ship reasonably fast and don’t charge shipping. So far I’ve just ordered a couple Standard Dot Tritium front sights for MP5s, but I’ll be trying some of their handgun sights in the future.

  • ClintTorres ClintTorres on May 03, 2022

    "We just made some awesome new sights which you'll probably only use until you've saved up for that RDS you wanted"