MKE Collapsible Stocks Available From Atlantic Firearms

    MKE Collapsible Stocks Available From Atlantic Firearms

    Atlantic Firearms, importer and purveyor of interesting guns, has imported a range of collapsible stocks for roller delayed blowback firearms. These new production stocks are made by MKE in Turkey and imported with cooperation from Century Arms. Atlantic is also the source for the CORE series AP-5, so it is fitting that they would obtain these stocks.

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    MKE MP-5 stock, collapsed

    MKE MP-5 stock, extended

    Collapsible stocks for MP-5s and HK-91s have dried up in recent years. Those that have been available were either very expensive or in rough shape. Aftermarket manufacturers like Magpul have announced new options but they have yet to make it to the market. With a new wave of both HK factory models like the SP-5, and clones like the offerings from Pakistani Ordnance Factory and Century Arms, there are many guns in need of stocks.

    MKE G3A3/HK-91 stock, collapsed

    MKE G3A3/HK-91 stock, extended

    It is only fitting that MKE, which makes the AP-5 series for Century, would import stocks as well. Options for the MP-5, HK-33, and HK-91 are all available. The HK-91 stock is pictured with an included recoil spring. All three are priced at $299.99. They sold out very quickly, but there is a sign-up list to get an email when they are back in stock. It also says “More on the way!”, so hopefully, we will see more of these imported in the near future.

    MKE HK-33 stock, collapsed

    MKE HK-33 stock, extended

    Note that the NFA still applies to the use of these stocks. Installing them on guns with barrels under 16″ in length could land you in hot water without the requisite paperwork.

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