"History of Weapons & War" – New Gun-Centric Streaming Services

Luke C.
by Luke C.

While I was out at Finnish Brutality 2023 I had a chance to talk a lot with both Mike Burns (Bloke on the Range) as well as Ian McCollum (Forgotten Weapons). Both of these guys have a passion for bringing the history of weapons and other wartime machinery to life and sharing them with all of us in a palatable format. While both of their channels are quite successful, YouTube has always done its best to make sure that the lion’s share of any profit always goes to the corporation rather than the creator. Ian and Mike have started a brand new Gun-Centric Streaming Service called The History of Weapons and War. This is being done via a collaboration with seven other well-known historical firearm guntubers and their service will be available on tons of major streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, and a dedicated mobile application for your phone.

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“History of Weapons & War” A new Gun-Centric Streaming Services

I am really excited to announce a new streaming service for historical & education firearms video content: History of Weapons and War. This is a collaboration with seven other firearms channels to put all the best educational gun content in one place – a place that is outside the reach of Youtube. To sign up, just go to: https://weaponsandwar.tv

After you sign up on the web site, you can go to your platform of choice, download the app, login in, and start watching! We are available on: – Apple TV (aka tvOS) – Apple App Store – Android App Store – Android TV – Roku – Amazon Fire TV

"History of Weapons & War" A new Gun-Centric Streaming Services

Ian also hosted a live Q&A on Saturday the 16th of September to answer a bunch of questions put up by the Forgotten Weapons patrons. More detailed information can be found in the archived video below. The History of Weapons and War streaming service will be available for $9.99 a month where The Armourer’s Bench, Royal Armouries, Legacy Collectibles, British Muzzleloaders, Cap & Ball, Bloke on the Range, and Forgotten Weapons will all be posting videos not seen on their normal YouTube channels. If you’d like to check this new streaming service out, you can do so using the link here: https://www.weaponsandwar.tv/browse. Be sure to keep track of the Forgotten Weapons YouTube channel for more developments on this new streaming service.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Jon_ Jon_ on Sep 22, 2023

    Hopefully it works out for them. I doubt it will, but I hope it does.

  • Nasty! Nasty! on Oct 16, 2023

    $120 a year? Yeah, no thanks, maybe if I could break it down to a much smaller cost for a smaller part of the package.