[SHOT 2024] Infinite Product Solutions Releases New Shotgun Choke Adapters

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

California-based Infinite Product Solutions, a well-known manufacturer of muzzle brakes, comps, flash hiders and particularly their sound redirect muzzle devices, has announced it will be releasing shotgun choke tube adapters. This latest release continues Infinite Product Solutions’ tradition of innovation and evolution, adding to their extensive range of firearm components.

The new adapters, slated to be released within a few weeks, allow users to mount any given shotgun muzzle device onto a shotgun. This points to a vast range of possibilities such as bolstering your shotgun with a barrel breaching device with spikes, or even a ported comp.

Nathan from Infinite Product Solutions elaborated on the company’s aims with their latest offering: “These new adapters are not just relegated to spikey breaching style muzzle devices. We want to offer a little bit of everything.”

The new shotgun choke adapters are expected to have a diversified offering, catering to various needs of users. They will come in a bunch of different choke restrictions and will have several different thread choke patterns.

Adding to the anticipation, muzzle devices, an accessory especially sought-after by gun enthusiasts, will also be released alongside or shortly after the choke adapters. This reinforces Infinite Product Solutions’ commitment to creating comprehensive solutions for shotgun users.

Infinite Product Solutions’ new products will continue to build on their standing in the market – their highly regarded blast cans redirect all noise and intense fireworks from the muzzle forward and away from the user. It’s this innovative approach to reducing noise and recoil that makes products from Infinite Product Solutions stand out in a crowded market.

The upcoming release of the shotgun choke tube adapters, alongside the introduction of new muzzle devices, illustrates IPS’s ongoing dedication to broadening its offerings while staying true to its key principle: creating products that enhance user experience by reducing noise and recoil.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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    Pete, if this can solve the Salvo owners’ woes, they’d probably like to hear about it.