[SHOT 2022] Suppressed Alien By Laugo Arms

    The Alien by Laugo Arms is a rather polarizing. It was unveiled two years ago at SHOT Show 2020. Well Laugo Arms is back and they brought out their suppressed Alien pistol for SHOT Show Range Day 2022.

    Laugo Arms @TFB

    At last SHOT Show, Laugo Arms had a suppressed Alien on display on the show floor, as seen in Matt M’s article from SHOT Show 2019. I remember shooting an Alien pistol at SHOT Show Range Day two years ago but I do not recall the suppressed Alien.

    This year at Shot Show Range Day 2022 we got a closer look at the Laugo suppressed Alien. The suppressor is built for Laugo Arms by B&T. According to the Laugo Alien representative the internals were designed by A-TEC Silencers in Norway.

    Suppressed Alien

    I got to take a closer look at the front end of the suppressed Alien. The Alien is a unique design in that it has a fixed slide so the sights do not reciprocate but side panels move backwards instead. This is part of the Alien’s accuracy. In order for Laugo Arms to achieve a suppressed Alien, they had to thread the barrel. While this is not a difficult task on a normal gun, Laugo Arms went in a different direction. Rather than making the barrel longer, they simply cut the barrel down and threaded it. So the threads are recessed under the fixed slide.

    Since the Alien barrel is fixed, there is no need to have a traditional piston in the Alien suppressor. I asked if they will offer a barrel extension for owner to use their own suppressors. They have not ruled that option out. I did not ask why they did not just extend the barrel and thread it like any regular 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The Laugo Arms representative did mention that due to the barrel threading design, the suppressed Laugo Alien is to as accurate as the normal one.

    Here is a video shot on the Chronos 1.4 at 1k frames per second:

    According to the Laugo Arms representative the price for the suppressed Alien will be the same as an Alien Full Kit. So around $5,000. I am not sure if they remove some accessories from the full kit to accommodate the suppressor. Below is a photo of a full kit Laugo Alien.

    Stay tuned for more TFB coverage from SHOT 2022!