POTD: Royal Army Danish Soldiers – Jutland Dragoon Regiment – M60E4

Eric B
by Eric B
Royal Army Danish Soldiers – Jutland Dragoon Regiment

Photo Of The Day and we’re looking at Royal Army Danish soldiers assigned to the 2nd Armoured Infantry Battalion Jutland Dragoon Regiment, as they conduct offensive operations during Exercise Firm Stallion in Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany on April 30, 2024.

The 7th Army Training Command is the U.S. Army’s largest overseas training command. It sets the training environment and resources live, virtual, and constructed training for all U.S. Army forces stationed and deployed in Europe, as well as select U.S. European Command, Allied, and Partner units.

Rambo Machine Gun in the woods. Can you identify the type? It’s not very often we see it nowadays, as other types and brands are taking over.

It’s the M60E4, made by US Ordnance to fit the Danish requirements. This is the standard issue Danish Light Machine Gun.

U.S. Army Photo by Spc. Adrian Greenwood

Which is your favorite light machine un?

Photo by: Spc. Adrian Greenwood, 7th Army Training Command, U.S. Army.

Eric B
Eric B

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