FK BRNO Unveils BKS Medium Machine Gun in .338 Norma Magnum

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
FK BRNO Unveils BKS Medium Machine Gun in .338 Norma (FK BRNO)

In an intriguing move the Czech Republic's FK BRNO, best known for their 7.5 FK Field Pistol have announced the launch of a .338 Norma Magnum belt-fed machine gun. FK BRNO are showcasing their first machine gun at the Eurasatory 2024 exposition in Paris this week. The BKS .338 medium machine gun represents the Czech company's first foray into machine gun design.

Externally the BKS appears to share DNA with the PK family of general purpose machine guns but likely includes a buffer system internally as FK BRNO notes that the recoil of the BKS 338 is comparable to that of the 7.62x51." Information released by the company notes that the weapon weighs in at 23.4 lbs (11kg) compared to the FN MAG/M240G at 25.6 lbs (11.6kg). The weapon's bipod appears to mount onto a rail interface beneath the gas tube, there is a length of Picatinny rail to the rear of the feed tray cover and a section of rail on top of the front sight post for mounting a folding sight to coincide with a rear back up iron sight. There is no rail directly above the feed tray, there appears to be a projection from the base of the receiver perhaps for mounting a belt box/bag. The photographs of the weapon show what appears to be a three-position gas regulator, and the weapon feeding from a non-disintegrating metal belt typically used with PK-pattern guns.

The move towards .338 as a medium machine gun caliber has gained pace over the last decade as the US military has become increasingly interested in the overmatch the .338NM cartridge provides in terms of velocity and energy. Numerous companies including SIG Sauer, Ohio Ordnance Works and True Velocity/Lone Star Future Weapons have developed lightweight medium machine guns chambered in .338. It remains to be seen if FK BRNO plan to team up and enter the upcoming US medium machine gun tenders.

Below is a short video shared by FK BRNO showcasing the new machine gun, showing it in action:

Here's what FK BRNO have to say about the new BKS 338:

FK Brno has embarked on a fast pace program to join the race to design, develop and manufacture a medium machine gun in Cal 338 Norma, which is being considered for the new Nato category of a Medium Machine Gun, that bridges the gap between the current Calibers 7.62x51 and the 12.7x99 and therefore establish a true” Overmatch” capability in this sector.The BKS is light enough to be considered in the Light Machine Gun category.It is short and can be disassembled and packed in a backpack in less than one minute.It is more accurate than both 7.62x51 and 12.7xv99 at longer ranges.It has an effective range of 1700 meters.In Armor piercing loads it has armor penetration capabilityof 600 meters against armored vehicles [12mm steel plate 500HB] and 1000 meters against stanag Level 4 personal armor. That is more than 6 times more than the 7.62x51 M993 Nato armor piercing ammunition.The recoil of the BKS 338 is comparable to that of the 7.62x51.The BKS allows the user to have the capability of a 12.7x99in a one man portable platform.

Here's the specs for the BKS 338:

Caliber - 338 Norma Magnum [8.6x63]

Weight - 11 kg

Length w/muzzle device - 127.5 cm

Disassembled - 76.2 cm

Rate of Fire - 550 rounds/min

Effective range - 1700 meters [supersonic range]

Max Range - 6500 meters

Muzzle Velocity - 830 m/s

Total combat weight w/400 rounds - 32-35 kg

Team size - 1-2

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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  • Sid Sid on Jun 20, 2024

    Not directed at you. I am having trouble with the new interface. For some reason at the moment, the site will not allow me to start a new thread.

    I am reminded of the FBI selection of the 10mm. After the Miami-Dade FBI shootout, "everyone" agreed that the 9mm bullet was not enough. The FBI assembled a panel of experts. They settled on the 10mm as the man-stopper round. Fielded 10mm pistols. Then, they realized females and accountants could not reliably shoot the 10mm. Then, they settled on the .40 S&W because it is a powered-down 10mm. Then, they gained some perspective. The .40 offers not enough advantage over the 9mm and comes with less capacity. So, NOW all of the FBI and many agencies have settled on the 9mm... which was never really the problem in the Miami-Dade incident.

    There was never a time when 7.62x51 was not enough bullet in a machine gun. What was needed was not a better machine gun bullet. What was needed was fully fielded/trained DMR rifles, light mortars, and drones. If the enemy has a terrain advantage, a farther-reaching bullet from a belt-fed weapon is not the answer.

    .308 is fine for suppressing fire while maneuver occurs. It is fine as a coaxial machine gun. It is fine as a door-gun. I can't see what having a belt-fed weapon in .338 does that is worth the price.

    • Lcon Lcon on Jun 20, 2024

      Range Sid Range. The .338nm has the range of a .50BMG.

  • Haulin' Oats Haulin' Oats on Jun 21, 2024

    A PCC from FK-BRNO in 7.5FK would be such a win for PCCs and for the caliber 7.5FK, I'd love to see this and would buy one if it had caliber conversion to 9 and 10mm with a price that's competitive with the MPX or MP5.

    • Anomanom Anomanom on Jul 10, 2024

      I've said this for a while. Given it can get 44mag energy out of even an 6in barrel, a PCC would be an ideal platform.