ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition

    OK, let’s start with an honest disclosure: I won’t get these guns for Christmas 2020, nor I will get any firearms, for that matter. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t dream. And since we’re just dreaming here, I will dream big and list a few “lifegoal” items with limited practicality, to me, yet extremely cool to my eyes.

    While I’m neither a hunter nor an expert on classic firearms, there are some traditionally styled firearms that make me fall in love. Definitely, some of you will call this a “Fudd’s wishlist” and that’s fine. On the other hand, I think Santa Claus isn’t the kind of guy who would go hunting with an MSR, while I could really see him appreciating delivering these. So we have a Soroka Model 07 single-shot rifle, a Cosmi Automatico shotgun and a Bowen Classic Arms custom revolver.

    Those already familiar with the rather mysterious firms mentioned, may already be computing the potential value of such a 3-gun loadout. While not as unobtainable as some British double barrels, we’re still looking at the kind of money that gets you a nicely equipped sedan. So I’ll provide also more accessible alternatives, with similar features.

    Soroka Model 07 Single Shot Rifle

    Definitely a firearm not commonly seen on TFB, the Soroka Model 07 is a Farquharson style single-shot rifle. Despite its Old World looks, it’s manufactured in New Zealand and it features innovative solutions under its gorgeous, traditionally styled skin. Falling block single shot rifles offer an extremely solid, artillery-like, action that allows for a very compact receiver. The Soroka patented action includes a unique in-line striker touted as a feature adding to accuracy, due to the faster lock time and improved trigger. The system also allows repeated dry firing with no ill effect to the firing pin, while the extractor works on modern rimless cartridges.

    Christmas 2020 Soroka photo

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Soroka Model 07 from

    I wouldn’t know what caliber to choose as there are quite a few options, from 7×57mm Mauser all the way to .416 Remington, with several Magnum choices inbetween.

    Technical Data

    • Receiver dimensions – approx 2.35” x 2.35” or 60mm x 60mm
    • Receiver weight – 2.55lbs or 1150 grams
    • Receiver – CNC machined from billets of Austrian Boehler P20 vacuum re-melted tool steel for the ultimate in uniformity and strength
    • Falling Block – CNC machined from billets 17-4 PH stainless steel, then appropriately heat treated
    • Internal components – EDM wire cut from 17-4 PH stainless steel, then appropriately heat treated, or CNC machined from either 4140 or 17-4 PH stainless and appropriately heat treated
    • Firing pin – CNC machined from K600, high impact resistant tool steel
    • Quarter Rib, Grip Cap, Barrel Band and Screws – CNC machined from 4140 then appropriately hardened

    Barrel dimensions

    • Standard Barrel – .600” at 24” finished length, weigh approximately 2.75 lbs depending on caliber
    • Magnum Barrel – .680” at 26” finished length, weighs approximately 3.5lbs depending on caliber
    Christmas 2020 Soroka photo

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Soroka Model 07 from

    A custom-built firearm with plenty of personalizations available, the Soroka Model 07 starts at $18,950. If your Santa can afford the investment, it will surely bring you joy. Although ordering now would probably bear fruits by Christmas 2021.

    Christmas 2020 Soroka photo

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Soroka Model 07 from

    Some may say that this rifle is a fancy Ruger No. 1, and while the assessment would be a bit superficial in those terms, it’s true that Bill Ruger‘s rifle would be a cheaper, yet capable alternative. However the model is manufactured in limited quantities and, while the overall caliber choice is impressive, only certain calibers are sold at a given time.

    Christmas 2020 Ruger No.1

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition -Ruger No.1 from

    Cosmi Automatico

    This would not be my favorite choice for a shotgun with any practical use. However, it is a piece of functional art, although I may be a bit biased towards unconventional designs coming from my home country. Cosmi models indeed pack quite a few peculiar features, such as the possibility of breaking open the action, the magazine in the stock and the construction without screws. The operation is by the once common long-recoil principle, as developed by John Moses Browning for the original Auto-5.

    Christmas 2020 Cosmi Automatico

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Cosmi Automatico from

    Unsurprisingly, Cosmi offers a wide range of customizations and finding a single price is quite difficult. We are likely looking at a range starting around $15,000. The words below from the Cosmi website can give you an idea:

    Passion for beauty and technology for extreme efficiency.

    The only luxury semi-automatic gun in the world. The over 100 parts are machined from solid material and assembled without screws. Max. 8 cartridges.

    Cosmi guns are available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 gauges in Deluxe Standard, Extra Deluxe and Prestige versions.

    Christmas 2020 Cosmi Automatico

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Cosmi Automatico from

    While giving up uniqueness, but still looking at a beautiful Italian shotgun with peculiar features, one could consider the Benelli Montefeltro, in one of its numerous configurations.

    Christmas 2020 Benelli Montefetro

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Benelli Montefeltro from

    Bowen Classic Arms Double Action Big Bore Revolver

    Another custom model, the BCA Redhawk is one of the many options offered by the awesome gunsmithing firm of Hamilton Bowen. Again an expensive option with a long wait associated, it starts at $3,395 on a donor firearm. The one in the photo is chambered in .500 Linebaugh, because why not!

    Christmas 2020 Bowen

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Bowen Classic Arms .500 Redhawk – SP type barrel from

    More details are available here.

    A more accessible alternative to the above, sacrificing quite some power, is the original Ruger Redhawk in .44 Magnum. Actually, the BCA model is a highly customized RH, so asking Santa for the Ruger can be a good starting point…

    Christmas 2020 Ruger Redhawk

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – Ruger Redhawk from

    If the interest is high, yet the budget isn’t, getting a Kindle copy of Bowen’s book The Custom Revolver should be a no-brainer. Here you can find a review.

    Christmas 2020 The Custom Revolver

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Steel and Wood Edition – The Custom Revolver Cover

    Thank you for reading up to here. Whatever Santa will actually bring you, have a merry Christmas.

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