POTD: Auto5 On a Diet

    Jürgen Schrott took this photo.

    ?? Kurze Browning Auto-5 Selbstladeflinte im Kaliber 12/70.
    ?? I love buying old, no longer used shotguns (dirt cheep, too) and getting them in shape so that everybody at the range ogles them ?. Just by replacing some worn/broken parts I can breathe new life into guns that are mostly build like tanks anyway.
    Take this FN Browing Auto-5 for example. On most of these – often up to 100 year old – shotguns the stocks are cracked and the forends are splintered. And lots of times the friction rings are in dire need of replacement. But replace stocks and friction pieces and throw in a new recoil spring and these guns still work like at the day they came out of the factory!

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