NEW Ruger Redhawks: More Rounds, More Barrel Length


    Ruger has an ample amount of Redhawks currently in their line-up, but you can never have enough revolvers, right? We did not have the chance to interview Ruger or take a statement, but we will venture to guess that they  would tend to agree.

    RedhawksThey have now added in 2 more Redhawks in .357 Magnum with longer barrel lengths. This boasts the total for this category from 11 offerings to now 13 different Redhawks.

    What is unique about these new select revolvers is their uncommon capacity and cylinder design. The girth of the 8-round capacity coupled with the continuous lines of the un-fluted cylinder is not only striking, but definitely separates them from most competing revolvers.

    Other essential specifications for this set of revolvers as stated by Ruger are as follows:

    • Cold Hammer-Forged Sleeve & Shroud Barrel provides Outstanding Accuracy
    • Single-Spring Mechanism allows for a Smooth, Light Trigger Pull
    • Triple-Locking Cylinder is Locked into the Frame at the Front, Rear & Bottom for more Positive Alignment & dependable operation Shot after Shot
    • Easy Sighting w/ Readily Replaceable, Colored Insert Front Blade Sight & Adjustable Rear Sight w/ White Outline
    • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction w/ no Side Plates, is designed specifically to handle Powerful Magnum Loads through Extra Metal in Top Strap, Sidewalls & Barrel Mounting Areas
    • Patented Transfer Bar Mechanism provides an Unparalleled Measure of Security against Accidental Discharge
    • Cylinder relieved for Full Moon Clips (3 Included)

    RedhawksThe two new barrel lengths that these will be offered in are 4.2″ and 5.5″ both of which feature a stainless steel finish.

    The MSRPs for both new models being offered punches in at $1,079. Both models are approved for our relatives in California, but unfortunately they are not for the indigenous people of Massachusetts.

    These models also are considered standard catalog firearms from Ruger. Many of the great firearms they produce fall under the umbrella of “distributor exclusives,” but these do not. This is a good thing for consumers because it should be readily available at all firearm retailers to order if not already on display.



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