Griffin Armament Expands ATM Line of Threaded Pistol Barrels

Will P
by Will P
With the addition of SIG Sauer P365XL support, Griffin’s threaded ATM pistol barrels are now available in a dozen models.

Griffin Armament is best known for their silencers, along with the complimenting mounts, muzzle devices, and other sound suppression-related accessories. Since 2006, this Wisconsin-based company has designed and produced many suppressor models for a variety of calibers and applications. Some of these robust and versatile options include the Bushwacker 46, the Resistance 22, the Paladin 5, the 30 SD-K GATE-LOK, the Optimus, and many more. They’ve also made headlines recently with their release of a new CAM-LOK handgun QD system. This innovation boasts the ability to quickly and securely mount handgun suppressors without the loosening risks associated with hand-threading or the need for a separate booster, as is normally the case when suppressing tilt-barrel pistols.

The included Micro Carry Comp is intended to improve muzzle control and recoil while also serving as a thread protector.

Griffin also offers a number of other parts and product lines, even some complete firearms. One of these lines is their series of ATM pistol barrels, which saw a limited release starting near the timeframe of SHOT Show 2019. From a small number of supported handguns like the Glock 19, SIG Sauer P320, and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield models, they have continued to roll out new versions. These threaded ATM barrels carry a $195.95 MSRP and each comes with one of Griffin’s Micro Carry Comp, which have a $64.95 MSRP if bought separately. Now these barrels are available in a dozen flavors, with their newest release for the SIG P365XL, as announced in the following October 26th press release.

The newest member of Griffin's ATM barrel family, at home in its SIG Sauer P365XL.

Griffin Armament launched the ATM

line of threaded pistol barrels almost two years ago. In the past two years we have listened to the suggestions of our end users and expanded the Griffin ATM
line to support multiple pistols from some of the most popular manufactures including Glock
, Sig Sauer
, and Smith & Wesson
. With the most recent addition offering support to Sig P365 XL users.

Griffin ATM

(Advanced Threaded Match) Barrels are billet machined from 416R chromium stainless steel to exacting tolerances for the ultimate in drop in match performance. 5 axis machining done in a single work holding positions all critical dimensions on the breech ensuring theoretically perfect geometrical relationship of barrel, slide and locking lug. Chambers are honed and polished to ensure an extremely smooth surface finish and optimal reliability with a wide range of ammunition from training to duty ammo. Two years of research and testing provided the appropriate knowledge to machine the barrel dimensions for a perfect fitment; providing the best possible accuracy without sacrificing factory reliability. Designed with concealed carry users in mind, this barrel gives you the utility of accessory and suppressor support while providing uncompromising reliability. Don’t lose confidence in your carry handgun by using sub par components.


* 416R Pre- hardened chromium stainless steel for peak accuracy potential through service life
* 9mm SAAMI-spec chamber
* Black Nitride finish resists surface wear & corrosion while providing increased surface hardness
* ½”-28 threaded muzzle for suppressor or accessory support
* Target crowned muzzle
* Honed and polished chambers to ensure reliable function across a broad range of ammo
* Broach cut rifling for reduced stress and uniformity of the bore
* All critical machining done in single work holding for exacting tolerances and manufacturing consistency from batch to batch.
* 1:10 twist rate

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Photos courtesy of Griffin Armament.

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  • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Oct 30, 2020

    Hopefully they will add threaded barrels for guns you can't get factory barrels. I don't know that we need more $200 Glock barrels, but you can't find stuff like mini Berettas (84/81, 71 with all the surplus imports, tomcat, etc), HK P9S, FN5.7, I don't know about Ruger 5.7 if they have a factory one...

    Truthfully I like factory barrels if I can get them, so if Sig already has a 320 threaded barrel or Glock, I don't see much need in getting aftermarket unless blinging it out is the idea.

    • See 1 previous
    • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Oct 30, 2020

      @hammeredsole Theoretically a $75 piston (which is already an adapter) is better than swapping a factory barrel for a $200 replacement. I mostly have 13.5x1 for my 9mm anyway and the others are 3 lug but I could see from a speed perspective being able to go from pistol to pistol without swapping pistons would be nice...

      If money and tax stamps were no issue: three dedicated 9mm cans, one in 1/2x28, one in 13.5x1, and a 3 lug! But that would be crazy talk for most. HPA... So all guns can have a matching silencer dedicated and perfect for them!

    • Dammit Bobby Dammit Bobby on Oct 31, 2020