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    Griffin Armament

    Griffin Armament announced its new AR stockĀ and furniture is now shipping to US retailers and customers. The new furniture includes the Extreme Condition Stock, RailShield M-LOK covers and A3 grips. All of the parts are available in black, OD, FDE and grey. Here is a look at some of these items:

    Extreme Condition Stock

    The Extreme Condition Stock, also known as the ECS, is an adjustable length stock for your AR platform rifle. The Extreme Condition Stock has a number of features that may make it worth your consideration.

    First, it is compatible with the company’s Maritime Receiver Extension (Heavy Duty). Holes in the stock combine with the extension to relieve pressure in the system when the rifle is fired immediately after being removed from water.

    Second, the rear of the stock is angled, which Griffin Armament advises improves ergonomics and helps to minimize muzzle rise under recoil.

    Additional features of the stock include a no-snag/beard friendly top surface and a low profile latch with a rugged stainless tool steel locking pin. The MSRP is $59.95.

    A3 Grip


    The A3 grip is designed to be affordable and simple. It does not have a plug/storage compartment that the company claims is rarely used by anyone. I suspect they are probably correct. The grip has a more vertical alignment than a typical A2 grip. Additionally, the A3 does not have the finger shelf/bump. The MSRP is $15.95.

    RailShield Panel Kit


    This kit offers 4.6″ long rail covers for M-LOK hand guards. Four pieces are included in the kit. The bottom rail cover can be run flat or with a hand stop. The MSRP is $29.95.

    In addition to AR furniture, the company also makes suppressors and other devices for rifles and pistols.

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