Griffin Armament Introduce New Paladin 5 Suppressor

    Paladin 5

    Griffin Armaments Paladin 5 (Griffin Armaments)

    Griffin Armament have launched their latest offering, the Paladin 5. The latest instalment of the Paladin series the 5 is a .22 calibre suppressor rather for everything from .22LR to .22-250 Remington.

    The Paladin 5 is user serviceable and weighs just 12.5oz, with a 17-4 Stainless Steel body and 6AL4V Titanium components. Griffin Armaments claim “the Titanium components to drop weight to… significantly less than most market 5.56mm (.22cal) offerings.”

    Griffin Armament’s product page for the Paladin 5 lists the following sound level notes:

    • 16″ 5.56mm AR15 with nato ammunition measured 131db at the muzzle and 141db at the ear

    • 22LR on a 3.5″ barrel pistol with CCI standard velocity measured 115db quieter than some 22 rimfire suppressors on the market.

    • 22-250 Remington, at the ear on a bolt action rifle measured 128db

    Here’s Griffin Armaments video for the Paladin 5:

    In a press release, Evan Green, Griffin Armament’s Business Development Manager Said:

    User serviceable rifle sound suppressors are becoming more and more popular and requested. We have been fielding requests for them for probably the last 5 years with decent volume. It’s not applicable to all end users as a lot of users don’t really shoot a lot. But if you’re one of these guys that is on the range all the time or out on the back 40 shooting all the time it’s definitely really nice to have. Depending on the ammo you’re using how dirty or clean the powder burn is etc, how badly the twist in your barrel shaves copper off your bullets and throws molten lead in your suppressor… all of that adds up for people that shoot a lot.

    What do we mean by a lot? We’re talking thousands and thousands of rounds so it’s not needed for most people, but if you are a heavy shooter and you want to be able to clean the suppressor and set it back to factory specs, that’s a really nice feature. Cans get heavier over time due to the carbon and copper deposits building up in the suppressor with use. And the Ratchet-lok™ end cap on the Paladin® suppressors makes them super easy to take apart and service but also ensures they stay together even under hard use. Personally, I like them. The Paladin is right now my favorite series that we make. It’s definitely not the easiest suppressor to make but its its one of the best.

    MSRP for the Paladin 5 is listed as $945.00, check out Griffin Armaments site for more details

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