Griffin Armament Launches New MK1 AR-15 Series

    Girffin MK1

    Griffin Armament announced the company is now selling its new MK1 series of AR-15 rifles. The new rifles are designed to be top tier firearms and use a range of the company’s own components in their manufacture.

    There will be four basic models offered:

    PSD – This is a 9.5″ SBR with a pistol length gas system. It will be offered in both .223 Wylde and 300 BLK.

    CQB – This is an 11.5″ SBR. However, it will have a carbine length gas system and will only be available in .223 Wylde.

    Patrol – This model has a 14.5″ barrel with a pinned muzzle device to side step the NFA. It will use a mid-length system. It will be offered in .223 Wylde only.

    RECCE – Another mid-length gas system gun, this model will have a 16″ barrel. It too is chambered only in .223 Wylde.

    Features of the new MK1 rifles include:

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