New Magnifiers By American Defense Manufacturing

    The new Flik3 magnifier with ADM flip mount. Source:

    New Flik Magnifiers

    American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) announced the release of two new magnifiers available May 2019. The Flik3 and Flik5 will provide shooters the option of 3x and 5x magnification. With the increased popularity of flip to side magnifiers it is great to see more competitors entering the space. Both models will be water and fog resistant and allow for tool-less azimuth adjustment. Both are designed to work with any red dot or holographic sight. Shooters will have the option to quickly add magnification, enhancing shooter capability.

    Flik3 3x


    The 3x American Defense Flik3 fixed power magnifier comes with an ambidextrous mount allowing the shooter to quickly change from 1x to 3x. MSRP for the magnifier and mount will be $369.00. While this has been done by other magnifiers, the Flik3 boasts an eye relief of 2.6” vs the competitor’s 2.2”. Field of view at 100 yards is 7.28° or 382 feet which is very similar to the G33 and 1° more than the 3x Aimpoint magnifier. Diopter adjustments range from -2.5 to +2. Without mount the Flik3 will weigh 6.8 oz. The magnifier comes with a Titanium, locking and adjustable QD mount. The mount can also be purchased in aluminum with a titanium throw lever. The set will also come with 4mm and 8mm spacers to allow users to adjust between low, co-witness and lower 1/3 co-witness alignment.


     Flik5 5x


    The Flik5 5x magnifier will be offered at an MSRP of $475. It boasts an eye relief of 2.5” and a field of view of 4.38°/230 feet at 100 yards. The 5x will be using the same mount. The ambidextrous mount allows the user to set the magnifier up to flip right or left.


    By clicking here for the Flick3 or here for the Flik5 you can be notified by ADM of the official release. The Flik series magnifiers will be available from the ADM website.
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