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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Just the other day, Magpul announced that they are releasing their own bipod. The Magpul Bipod is the perfect addition to their Pro 700 chassis but it is also a great addition to any rifle. Their bipod has features you see in more expensive bipods.

Magpul Bipod

The Magpul Bipod will retail for just $109.95. It is a hybrid of aluminum, steel and polymer.

The Magpul Bipod will have 50° of tilt and 40° of pan. However you can quickly lock out the panning by rotating the bipod 180 degrees. Even though you can lock out the panning, you still keep the tilt.

The legs can be unfolded without the need to unlock anything. Once deployed they lock into place. Then you can adjust height from 6.3″ to 10.3″. At the bottom of the legs, the Magpul Bipod comes with stepped rubber feet. However you can swap them out with any of the Atlas pattern bipod replaceable feet.

Since the legs are skinned in Magpul polymer, you can use them in the folded position for a low profile rest. The legs were designed to be smooth and unobtrusive. When the legs are folded they only stick out 2.3″ and is a mere 3.3″ wide. A soft rubber bipod locking knob cap is attached to the locking knob gives users a steady, non-marring forward rest while the bipod is folded.

Three Options And Two Colors

The Magpul Bipod comes in two colors, black or FDE. Their are three different attachment methods for you to choose from. M-LOK, Picatinny and A.R.M.S. 17S.

The Bipod for A.R.M.S.®17S Style must be used in conjunction with an appropriate 17S-style mounting device that is purchased separately and typically is quick-detach capable, for proper mounting to your weapon system of choice.

The Magpul Bipod just weighs 11oz. Making it lighter than more expensive bipods. According to Magpul’s website, the bipod will be available this summer. Click here to for more info.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Rychastings Rychastings on May 13, 2018

    Shoulda been lighter, more scout rifle like

    • Roguetechie Roguetechie on May 14, 2018

      @rychastings The problem with scout rifle bipods is half the time they're more aesthetic than functional.

      Magpul had to split the difference between people mounting these on precision rifles and $700 AR15's. They did good.

      Btw Jeff Cooper may have been kinda alright sometimes, but you should really look at the basis for the scout rifle before you encourage anything to emulate any part of it.

      For the love of God, the premise behind it was make it bolt action high maintenance and complicated so Warsaw pact conscripts can't use your own gun against you!

      So next time you see a scout rifle, raise your head to the sky and bellow "WOLVERINES" directly followed by "GET OFF MY LAWN " in a ragey shaky old man voice, shake your head, and pick up a rifle not designed off the derpiest premise ever

  • Greg Kelemen Greg Kelemen on May 14, 2018

    Just awesome, I'm a Magpul fluffer from way back, what a privilege to observe them evolve and spew out one perfectly balanced product (price/design/engineering/aesthetic-wise) after another..