Magpul Sand Mags Shipping, Furniture Coming Soon

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

Magpul is now shipping the 10- and 20-round PMAG for SR-25 pattern rifles in sand color. These are the Gen M3 models and carry an MSRP of $18.95 – 19.95.

Magpul also announced that the new sand colored MOE SL furniture will be shipping soon. This includes the MOE SL stock, pistol grip and hand guard.

One of the interesting things about the sand color is its ability to take on a wide range of dyes for custom coloring. While other furniture, like the FDE color, can also take dye, the sand is a very light color and can take a wider range of dyes. Using a simple fabric dye, like that from RIT, can give you all kinds of color and pattern options.

Take a look at the Magpul video for a sample of some options:

Also, for more information on how to do this yourself, check out Nathan’s article here.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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