The HK G36 is dead. Long live the G36! German Police buys it.

    Following the terror attacks in Frankfurt, Hanover, Würzburg, Ansbach and Berlin it is clear that more and more of the regional German Police Forces are getting reinforcements in terms of 5,56×45 mm carbines.

    Obviously, they’re getting other passive and active training and equipment, but we focus on the firearm.

    TFB has already reported about several German Police forces getting the Haenel CR223 rifle in semi-automatic.

    You can argue all you want about which handgun caliber is the best, 9 mm, .10 mm or .45.

    The battle in Europe is that the 9×19 mm carbines like the HK MP5 are not enough, and that the 5,56×45 caliber is needed for the new challenges of terrorism.

    It is now time for the Police in Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany, Hamburg / Kiel area) to get Heckler & Koch G36 Cs.


    The goal is is that Police officers should be able to react faster and better to possible terrorist attacks, and the HK G36s are primarily for the special units.

    According to the source, the area will have 522 G36Cs in addition to the current 941 HK MP5s and 140 (obsolete) HK G3s. The thought is that there should be one HK G36 in every Mercedes-Vito Police car. 

    The estimated total cost for this investment is about two million euros, and the decision is described as very controversial.

    We don’t discuss the political background, but it’s worth noting that some individuals didn’t like the “militarization” of the Police and that there was no need to equip “every Police car”. Rifles like the G36 should be reserved for the Special Forces.


    In any case, the G36s are about to get bought and the money for the G36 investment has been provided by the regional government in the 2017 budget.

    If the G36Cs will have full-auto or semi-auto only is not known, I am sure Heckler & Koch can provide both.

    For the record, the French unit BAC got the HK G36 recently as well. Source:



    If my understanding is correct, one of the local politicians, Stefan Studt, has said that the Police is not getting the same controversial version of the HK G36 as the German Army is using, but a much shorter version. I buy that the “C” version is shorter, but that it would a be less controversial choice? No.

    Funny enough, the German Police Haenel CR223s I’ve seen have been equipped with EOTech sights.

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