Burris V3 Updates For Thermal Optics

Zac K
by Zac K
The new Burris V3 thermal riflescope is intended for nighttime predator hunting, on the move. [Burris]

Do you want to see—and shoot—in the dark? Night vision optics are considered a must-have for a lot of shooters these days, but for others, thermal optics will do the trick. Now, scopemaker Burris has brought V3 updates to its thermal optic lineup, making them easier to use and offering superior performance.

Burris @ TFB:

BTS V3 Riflescope

This scope is for mobile predator hunting; the previous version remains in the lineup. For the model with the V3 updates, here’s what you get. The field of view is larger now, with a new 640×480 sensor (12.5 degrees by 9.4 degrees). Digital zoom offers as much as eight-power magnification.

The thermal sensitivity is 30mK NETD—basically, that number means the capability of the optic to detect and display smaller temperature variations. A new RapidZero function is supposed to make it easier to dial in your accuracy. Burris says this makes “it possible to achieve zero with one shot,” although that certainly sounds… optimistic.

The BTS V3 riflescope also has four new color paletes (amber, iron, inferno, sepia) and updated thermal imaging outlining (making it easier to see an objects edges). Battery life is increased, to up to six hours, and the BurrisConnect app will sync your phone to the scope for photo and video recording as well.

BTS V3 Thermal Clip-On

This optic is an all-in-one unit that can work as either an auxiliary thermal firearm aiming attachment, or else as an independent thermal observation device.

Like the riflescope, this has improved thermal sensitivity, with 35 mK NETD capability as well as the Thermal Image Outlining technology for easier object detection. There’s also an improved screen-centering process that’s supposed to speed up the clip-on unit’s digital alignment with the optical scope it’s paired with. And, the clip-on also adds amber, iron, sepia and inferno color palettes.

Finally, like the riflesope, the clip-on is also compatible with the BurrisConnect app.

Here's the new Burris thermal optic lineup. None of these are cheap; MSRP on the riflescope is a cool $4,200. [Burris]

BTH v3 Handheld

As the name implies, not intended to be bolted onto a rifle, but used for observation purposes, or for tracking down game after dark. Easy one-hand operation, and this year’s version has battery life improved to up to eight hours. It also comes with the same color palette upgrades as the other V3 models.

For more information, check out Burris’s website here.

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