TFB Review: C&H Precision COMP Red Dot

by Sam.S

As red dot sights and optics-ready slides continue to take over the mainstream, we have seen more and more job-specific red dot optics at increasingly competitive prices. The C&H Precision COMP enters the fold as an affordable large windowed competition-geared optic. Looks and prices are all good and fine but how does she do at the range? Let’s dive into the review!

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Specifications: C&H Precision COMP Red Dot

For my T&E I requested the multi-reticle version which only comes in red. Besides that, it is still the same only RMR footprint large windowed optic. It features a top load battery port which supports a CR1632 battery. This loadout boasts an advertised 50,000 battery life which is pretty much industry standard if not a little better. Even better it has an auto shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity just to extend that life to the max. It also houses the “shake awake” technology that everyone is so fond of.

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Lens Diameter: 27mm
  • Elevation/Windage Adjustment Range: 45 MOA (Total 90 MOA)
  • Click Value: 1 MOA per click
  • Dot Size: 3 MOA (additionally a 36 MOA Circle in Multi-Reticle Version)
  • Dot Color: Red or green versions are available
  • Parallax Free: 33 Yards
  • Red Dot Brightness Setting: 10 levels
  • Power Supply: 1x CR 1632 3V Lithium battery
  • Auto Wake/Sleep: 5 Mins after no movement
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 52.5mm x 30.7mm x 31.7mm
  • Weight (with battery installed): 28.4g (approx.)
  • Shockproof & Waterproof: Rated for +P and +P+ Ammo
  • Footprint: RMR

The MSRP of the C&H COMP sits at $339.95 for the Red Multi-Reticle (my example) or $299.95 for the regular Red Dot and Green Dot options. The prices are pretty competitive or at least neck and neck with other pistol optics on the market. The real difference would be when you narrow that search to competition-style red dots for handguns. Then this guy looks a lot more appealing to the old wallet.

The C&H Comp is a rugged, Large windowed pistol optic that will be perfect for your next competition. It was built for those that want a larger window on their competition, duty, or carry gun. It utilizes the same footprint as the rmr to ensure widespread compatibility. Available in red or green dot versions with 3 moa dot (additional 36 moa circle in multi-reticle versions).

First Impressions: C&H Precision COMP Red Dot

The first time I handled this red dot was actually at SHOT2024. The folks at the C&H booth were extremely accommodating and welcoming and when they showed me this dot I was really impressed right off the bat. I believe that specific one was a straight-up red or green dot and not the multi-reticle version I have as a sample.

The packaging is a bit different being a see-through box displaying the optic in all of its glory. Out of the box, things are pretty typical. You have your battery, tools, screws, card for a link to a manual, lens cloth, and of course the optic. Everything is packaged well and looks professional and thoughtful. The fit and finish of the optic out of the box are excellent and satisfactory.

Range Time: C&H Precision COMP Red Dot

Mounting the dot went smoothly. It is nice that it’s a top-load battery and that the pattern is RMR. Speaking of the battery, I should mention that I noticed while installing the battery that the threads seem super thin. I would advise being careful not to be impatient and cross-thread here. I mounted it onto the PSA Dagger Compact that I pieced together. It’s no competition gun by any means but it looks the part and the C&H COMP really ties it all together.

Mounted up the C&H Precision COMP looks really nice. The only critique is the back end is very square and thick while the rest of the optic is slim and minimal in its dimensions (besides the giant window). It just kind of seems to be missing the same sort of stylistic touch that the rest of it has.

The buttons are located on the side and are easy to get at. On top of that they have a very tactile feel so you know how much you are adjusting or that you are adjusting at all. Some competing optics out there are silent and it’s like “Is this doing anything? Do I need to press harder?”. This is not the case with the COMP. The same can be said of the adjustment screws which although I have never appreciated the tiny flat head slits, the clicks are still audible and feel-able.

Glass-wise the clarity is right up there with competing optics that are $50-$200 more. I did not shoot in super low light conditions so any hidden clarity issues may pop up there but everything has been extremely clear through my hands-on use.

As with every red dot review ever, any pictures of the reticle itself will fail to capture what it looks like in person. Dot-wise the reticle is crisp with a very slight fuzz. This very well could be due to my astigmatism. I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Others who used the dot with me never commented on any star-like images or fuzz. The multireticle system is very comparable to just about every other setup out there. You have your dot (3 MOA), circle, and dot & circle (36 MOA circle). I would prefer an option like a 6 MOA dot but this does the job. Brightness is unremarkable in a good way.

During shooting everything held fast. Not zero shift or dot fluttering. I figured out that for just plain shooting at paper targets, I preferred the lone dot although I can imagine steel plates in competition would necessitate switching to the circle or circle and dot. I shot around 300 rounds at 15 and 20 yards and thoroughly enjoyed the large window of the dot. It is a breath of fresh air from all of the recent micro red dots.

My final observation is that like many large windowed competition-style red dots, this optic has a higher probability of being damaged than most. It is just sort of a nature of the beast. The C&H COMP looks pretty wimpy in the breakage resistance department BUT from everything I have seen and heard it holds up with the rest. I believe that because despite the large window, it is recessed a fair bit. Despite the thin metal, it is aircraft-grade aluminum just like your average AR lower. Basically what I am saying is looks can be deceiving and it probably would take someone trying to break this to break it. C&H seems to have a good warranty and at the very least excellent customer service so I would put defects or breakage concerns out of mind.

Final Thoughts: C&H Precision COMP Red Dot

In conclusion, my experience with the C&H Precision COMP red dot has been impressive. Its straightforward mounting process and thoughtful design, like the top-load battery access, made for a smooth setup. While I did notice some minor aesthetic quirks, particularly with its rear end, the functionality remains top-notch, with easily accessible buttons and tactile adjustments. Optically, it holds its own against pricier alternatives, delivering a clear reticle and versatile options for different shooting scenarios. Despite initial reservations about its durability, I’ve found reassurance in its sturdy build and the peace of mind provided by C&H’s solid warranty and customer service. Overall, the COMP red dot has proven to be a reliable companion on the range, offering a blend of performance and practicality that’s hard to beat for the price. I highly recommend checking it out!

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In closing, I want to say thank you to C&H Precision for allowing TFB and myself the opportunity to try out their COMP Red Dot Optic. That is greatly appreciated. Also, we would like to know what all of you guys and gals think. Do you believe that this competition-style optic is worth spending your money on? Would you take this out to the range on the regular? Would this be on your competition gun? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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    Meh. If you do the overhang window, at least have a thin optics body. Not some giant deck height so tall it almost covers your suppressor height sights.