Winchester 22 WMR PDX1 Defender

    Winchester 22 WMR PDX1

    More than a few people carry or keep a 22 rimfire for self defense.  Many of these folks are using the ubiquitous 22 Long Rifle cartridge.  But, I know several people who like to keep a firearm chambered for the more powerful 22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) cartridge.

    Winchester Ammunition loads a 22 WMR round in the company’s popular PDX1 Defender line.  The round uses a 40 grain JHP bullet and is rated at 1295 fps.  Depending on what the round is being shot through, velocity could be much lower in practice.

    Winchester 22WMR

    The Winchester PDX1 is one of several respected lines of self defense ammunition loading for the 22 WMR.  The others include Speer’s Gold Dot and Hornady’s Critical Defense.  While the caliber would not be my first choice for self defense in most situations, it makes a lot of sense for some people due to ailment, injury or financial situation.  It is comforting to know Winchester and others are loading good ammo for the caliber.

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