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15181369_10154648286398758_1882160243366790953_n Malaysian Independance MP7 HQ290616HY002.transformed_0 Prototype of the submachinegun CMP 9 (9x19mm) Sultan of Kelantan
"Kedah's Chief of Police, Dato' Ahmad Ibrahim shows confiscated weapons"

Interesting DIY M1 Carbine Stock

Since August the Royal Malaysian Police have been running  ‘Ops Cantas’ (Operation Cutover), a nationwide crackdown on organized crime specifically targeting illegally acquired and manufactured firearms. This operation has included many road block around [Read More…]

Royal_Sulu Army_001

Five Monks, One Gun and an iPod

This interesting photo of Malaysian Buddhist monks was taken by photographer Wong Yu Liang and is one of the entries in the Sony World Photography Awards. The full size image can be seen at the Daily Mail. The gun in the photo looks to be a BB firing toy gun. I have [Read More…]