Malaysian LE Teams Continue Counter-Terror Training

    Earlier we reported on the Malaysian Counter-Terrorism Exercise Rimau that took place in a stadium and show-cased a number of Law Enforcement units rarely seen in the public sphere. Continuing the exercise with this post we have units that were present in the earlier exercise and thus receive a much more well-rounded view of their capabilities and small arms. It appears that blank firing adaptors weren’t utilized during these drills, so all of the scenarios were completed without a force on force component. All photographs are attributed to the Royal Malaysian Police Facebook page. Our faithful TFB reader Azril sent us this narrative-

    On 14 June 2017, Royal Malaysian Police held an another part of Ex-Rimau. Unlike the last time where they were held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium. This time the exercise were held in Malaysian National Sailing Centre in Langkawi Island and focusing mainly on maritime operation especially on SAR, EOD, VIP extraction and ship-boarding exercise.
    Same unit were involved mainly the VAT 69 Commando, UTK @ Unit Tindakan Khas, GOF @ General Operation Force and additional support element consist of Police Air Unit, Marine Police, EOD Unit, Federal Reserve Unit and Criminal Investigation Department.
    The Tiger Platoon (A specialized counter-terrorism, tracking and SAR unit within each of every GOF Battalion) of the General Operation Force were involved and spotted using the H&K MP5 variants (unlike last time when the General Operation Force officer were exercise using Bushmaster Carbon 15). The UTK were using the Ferfrans SOAR and the VAT 69 operator were spotted using Colt APC carbine.

    Royal Malaysian Police (RMP)-

    The RMPs were not present at the stadium drills but came out in full force here. From the few photographs we have, readers will notice the lack of standardization among service handguns, some policemen with revolvers and others with semi-automatic handguns. MP5s are, however, standard issue. I’ve seen this practice among Thai policemen where officers are essentially on their own to purchase their personal sidearms. Although this does lead to the ability to share magazines and ammunition very lacking, it brings down the budgets of the Law Enforcement departments involved.

    General Operation Force (GOF)

    At the stadium training event the Tiger Platoon A of the GOF branch was seen with Bushmaster 5.56x45mm Carbon-15s. This have since been traded out for Heckler & Koch (possibly licensed produced) 9x19mm NATO MP5 submachine guns. Both full stock and “N” models were seen in use. GOF officers are seen with their spare magazines in thigh rigs, a practice that is slowly disappearing among tactical teams the world over.

    Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK)

    UTK appears to have the largest budget when it comes to small arms and equipment among the Malaysian Police forces. Their rifles are 5.56x45mm NATO FERFRANS SOAR-P with 12 inch barrels and a piston operation. Optics mounted are Aimpoint magnifiers and what appear to be T2 red dot sights. Suppressors are mounted to proprietary compensators on some of these rifles, while others have standard A2 muzzle brakes. Readers will notice that the UTK crest appears to be laser engraved on the right side of the lower receivers, on the magazine well. Handguns are Glock 17 variants, and what appears to be Walther P99s.


    VAT 69-

    VAT 69 wasn’t portrayed this time as it was previously, however the unit took part in VBSS operations from helicopters. Although the unit was shown leaning out of helicopters, it wasn’t actually participating in live fire. Rifles used are 5.56x45mm NATO Colt Advanced Piston Carbines.

    Colt Advanced Piston Carbine


    Much Thanks to faithful TFB contributor Azril for forwarding these photographs and tips!


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