The Guns of The Royal Army of Sulu




    Yesterday I blogged about the weapons used by the Malaysian military and police during the Lahad Datu Standoff. These photos show a group of men believed to be members of the Royal Army of Sulu. They were taken during peace talks between another rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and Philippines government in October of last year. The man (center left in the above photo and dressed in a plain olive drab uniform) is thought to be Raja Muda (Crown Prince) Datu Azzimudin Kiram.

    Many of the militia are carrying either M16 or M14 rifles. One of them (front, left) is carrying a bullpup rifle I cannot identify. The gun was probably made in a backyard workshop. The man next to him is carrying what looks like a FN FNC Para Carbine.

    Royal_Sulu Army_002

    Royal_Sulu Army_Bodyguard_001


    Below of some photos of the Malaysia’s elite VAT69 commandoes maintaining a cordon around the village being held by the Royal Army. The photos are from

    A special police force guards the area near the location where armed men are holding off in Lahad Datu

    Many thanks to Azril for the info and photos.

    Steve Johnson

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