The Guns of The Malaysian Police & Military During The Sulu Invasion

    Earlier this month a group of armed Filipino men calling themselves the “Royal Army of Sulu” invaded a small Malaysian village. They were funded by a man claiming to be the Sultan of Sulu. The long-defunct Sultanate of Sulu once ruled the area until Western powers purchased the land from them.

    The Malaysian and Filipino authorities have blockaded the area from land and sea and are trying to persuade the men to leave peacefully on a humanitarian ship sent by the Filipino government. So far the would-be army is not budging.

    Azril emailed us some photos showing  what the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) and Malaysian military are using during the siege. No photos have surfaced of what the “Royal Army” are using but the rumor is they are armed with M14 battle rifles , M16 assault rifles, M203 grenade launchers and M60 machine guns, which are typical weapons used by Filipino rebel militias.


    Royal Malaysian Navy PASKAL on the first day of the siege. Armed with HK416 rifles.

    PGA _001_AFP

    RMP General Operations Force operator using the M16 A1

    The VAT 69 operator seen here using some kind of AR type SBR.

    Sig Sauer SG 553 for Coast Guard

    Sig Sauer SG 553 used by the Malaysian Coast Guard

    Unit Tindakan Khas (RMP SWAT) and VAT 69 use the Bushmaster Carbon 15 SBR.

    Unit Tindakan Khas (RMP SWAT) and VAT 69 use the Bushmaster Carbon 15 SBR.

    Bushmaster Carbon 15 in 9mm used by RMP

    Bushmaster Carbon 15 in 9mm used by RMP

    Thanks to Azril for the photos and info.

    Steve Johnson

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