XM8, MP5+grenade launcher, Hk417s … weapons of the Royal Malaysian Navy

    The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) had their 76th anniversary last month. At a show they put on celebrating the anniversary their special forces group, PASKAL, had their weapons on display. I was quite surprised to see a XM-8 and MP5 with grenade launcher!

    Many thanks to Malaysia reader Faisal who kindly obtained permission from the photographer, ikansadinmknorang [at] panggilanpertiwi [dot] forumotion.net, for me to post these photos.

    First sighting of an XM-8 in a long time!
    MP5 with grenade launcher!
    MP7 and AK-102
    Who knows what this rifle is? Robar RC50
    HK416 and M4
    Old School

    More photos here.

    Steve Johnson

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