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Nifty Rubber Band Gun

It always pains me to see the amazing replica guns designed by engineers in Asia. Can you imagine the awesome guns that would be on the market if they were free to design (and export) real guns? Rocket News reports … ZumA2 is a steel cabinetmaker living in [Read More…]


Sleeve Gun

Obviously this is not for use with a real gun. The video’s description makes little sense when translated from Japanese to English, but here it is for what it is worth … Nervous prototype parts have been assembled from the factory, complete reconditioning. [Read More…]


Shooting Guns in Guam

Anyone who has visited Vegas knows that there is money to be made selling range time to tourists. There are advertisements for machine gun shooting everywhere. Apparently it is also big business in the US territories of Guam. The Japanese monarchs and governments have [Read More…]