POTD: Green Berets in Japan

    Japan green berets

    Photo Of The Day: The Green Berets in Okinawa (Japan), moving through ankle-high water during the 4th Marine Regiment Jungle Warfare Exercise at the Jungle Warfare Training Center. During the exercise, they trained forward reconnaissance, terrain analysis, practice using a variety of communication platforms, small unit tactics and patient extraction procedures. As you may tell, some of the photos have been altered for security purposes.

    Marine with the Marine Defense Force alongside soldiers with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), navigate as a team through the jungle terrain.

    Below: A suppressed jungle plant.

    OKINAWA, Japan – Green Berets with 1st Battalion, #1SFG, conducted a joint jungle warfare training exercise alongside Marines at the Jungle Warfare Training Center, May 23, 2021.

    This exercise allowed for the opportunity to enhance our relationship with the U.S. Marine Corps by training on skills necessary for high intensity conflict in a jungle environment.

    Below: A Green Beret releasing a small tactical recon drone to scout out enemy locations. I guess it’s quite tricky to navigate a drone in the jungle.

    Accommodation was great, said no one.

    Would you prefer an exercise in the jungle or in winter conditions?

    All pictures from 1st Special Forces Group – Airborne.