POTD: U.S. Marines Jungle Warfare Training

    The look in the eyes of these U.S. Marines is pretty interesting, and I can’t blame them! We’re sitting behind a screen looking at this Photo Of The Day, while they are trying to overcome what has to be one of the wettest and muddiest obstacle course ever. We see a team of marines as they navigate through an obstacle at the Jungle Warfare Training Center endurance course in Okinawa, Japan (2020).

    The competition was held to evaluate standards-based infantry training.

    Over or under? Not sure if the barbed wire makes that choice easier or not?

    -Take a deep breath…think of something else…hope nothing gets stuck.

    I wonder if these fatigue uniforms ever become the same again? Cleaning the firearms, optics and lasers must be hell as well.

    Have you ever done a similar obstacle course? How was it? Let us know in the comments about it.