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India Restarts Rifle Program (Again), Solicits for 7.62x51mm Rifles, Not 5.56x45mm

It feels like déjà vu: India has once again issued a Request For Information (RFI) for a new rifle, this time in 7.62x51mm NATO caliber. The RFI was reportedly issued on the 27th of September, making it two and a half months between the nation’s government [Read More…]


Handguns Suck

It’s no secret, handguns are pretty terrible relative to their larger counterparts at pretty much everything. Gun guys know this, but Hollywood and clueless politicians are responsible or perpetuating the myth that they are much more capable than they really are. In this video we explore that [Read More…]

IMG_3789 Capture An_Indian_soldier_during_a_joint_exercise_with_U.S._Soldiers_at_Camp_Bundela_in_2009 w9oKHlA Capture uCoJtPi f-1-firearms-bdr-10-3g-billet-matched-receiver-set-bdr-10-3g-by-f-1-firearms-0ae P1030178 lone-wolf-1919A4

Big 3 East: DPMS G2 .308

DPMS/Remington/AAC came out to Big 3 East and they brought out their G2 rifles. The G2 is the smallest and lightest 308 MSR on the market.  The G2 308 rifle is the same size as a 223 AR but only the magwell is bigger. The bolt carrier is 20% smaller than a traditional [Read More…]

Voere-LBW-M2-X3-7 Capture Squib Capture 14-60050-308-win-185gr-juggernaut-otm-tactical-box ua-16-m-pbr-308

Adams Arms SF-308 Uppers Now Available…

Following on the release of the full rifle, Adams Arms is releasing just the upper.  A number of you commented pretty favorably about the rifles and barrels on the other post, so this may be a way to try out the system if you have a compatible lower (and for a lower [Read More…]

aara-308-pbr 7.62mm M198 Duplex, far left, along with its single bullet counterpart, the  XM256E1 Low Recoil round, and sectioned examples of each. Image from Ray Meketa's collection. Capture Capture new Lancer L30 LRT (Long Range Tactical) Sake TRG-22 test rifle for Eagle Eye .308 Win take2 0011310000 Complete Rifle Seekins 308 Right 308_ss_upper_with_bcg
backwards bullets

Bullets Loaded Backwards

Saw this on Every Day No Days Off. Mike, of ENDO, posted a video by The Ammo Channel. The Ammo Channel looks at an internet myth of loading bullets backwards to increase damage. The results are interesting but it doesn’t seem like a good idea.  

IMG_2297 IMG_2426