Breaking News: New .308 Tavor By IWI

    IWI US just posted this on their Facebook page.

    I called them to confirm, it is a .308 Tavor.

    The rifle looks interesting. It is like a hybrid between the SAR and X95. The handguard and mag well are reminiscent of an SAR. Even the bolt release is SAR styled. Yet the handguard appears to have MLOK slots. In front of the handguard is what looks like an adjustable gas block. The magazine release is similar to the X95. The rear of this new .308 Tavor looks odd with such a flat stock. As if it was chopped in photoshop. I suspect the barrel will be 18″ giving the rifle a greater OAL and so it does not need the thicker buttpad that the SAR and X95 do to keep the OAL greater than 26″.

    No word yet on price or when it will be available. Hopefully we will get to see one and shoot it at the upcoming Big 3 East event in October.

    Nicholas C

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