New Rifle: Stag-10 in .308 Win

    stag 10

    Stag Arms introduced a number of new products at the recent SHOT Show including a new rifle called the Stag-10. If you were to guess that the Stag-10 is a AR-10 like gun chambered in .308, you would be correct.

    The Stag-10 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in the classic .30 caliber cartridge. According to Stag’s website, the gun was built with the “outdoorsman and tactical operator in mind.” Heaven forbid anyone describe a modern sporting rifle without using the terms “tactical,” “operator” or “tactical operator.”

    Two versions of the gun will be made: the Stag-10 and the Stag-10s. The guns are nearly identical, excepting a few features. The “s” model has a shorter barrel – 16″ instead of 18″. Both barrels are made with a 1:10 twist rate and are chrome lined. The longer gun uses a Magpul FRS while the Stag-10s uses an ACS. The -10s also has an end plate with two loops for attaching a sling.

    stag 10

    Both guns have a VG6 Gamma compensator, Diamondhead VRST handguard with KeyMod attachment points, a single stage trigger and Hogue pistol grip. A Magpul enhanced trigger guard is standard.

    These guns come with a lifetime warranty that is transferrable to another purchaser should you ever decide to trade. The company also includes an “infinite shot barrel guarantee.”

    Richard Johnson

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