LAV Blasts Away with Dutch AR-10 (With Gratuitous Slow-Mo)

    Often overlooked due to its smaller-caliber sibling, the original AR-10 was a fantastic weapon systems. In fact, if not for the thin barrel (later fixed), it may have likely supplanted the M14 within the US arsenal. For better or worse, it did not come to pass.

    What is often and truly forgotten is how the AR-10 was manufactured over in Holland as a direct competitor with the FAL and H&K/CETME offerings. There were a few successes including sales to South American including Guatemala. Other sales include Sudan, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

    A few of the rifles were able to make it back to their design home and made it back to the USA, two of which have made it to Larry Vickers, who puts them through the slow-motion treatment. At full speed, the weapon is quite the recoil bear, with Larry’s compatriot showing why shoulder-fired .308 is not as common these days.

    Larry did drop some knowledge on the masses with the tidbit on why the AR-15 was ultimately SAFE-SEMI-AUTO versus the originally spec’d SAFE-AUTO-SEMI that Stoner designed. The reason? Solders accidentally turned the weapon off safe and it was then safer to have the weapon go Semi than full-auto in case of a dischage.

    Enjoy the video below!

    Nathan S

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