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mp5-kmod-handguard-front HK_1280x1024_01 funktioniert-jetzt-auch hk36mag HK P7M13

Heckler and Koch P7M13

Throughout the sixty-seven years Heckler and Koch have been in business, there are a number of firearms produced by the company that one could consider perennial. Chief among such designs would be the MP5 and or the G3, both weapons which continue to see use even fifty [Read More…]

hk HK 416 - eotech exps 0. Surefire mini scout flashlight and supressor. Dbal l2 kh04 hk mr 556 a1 competition 1 GRM3 USCshroud01large-1 20141011adf8248214_035 brazil Hk 417 HK45Colored-page-0 (1) Jordanian troops with H&K  rifles. HK_Logo_-_Smaller

Rumor: H&K USA Has Been Sold?!?!?!

According to a very active user at the HK Pro forums, H&K has been sold … I heard a little rumor this week at NASGW. Was confirmed by two different people. HK USA is being sold and will have a new owner. Bad news: HK MR762 SD is on hold. HK G36 civilan version [Read More…]

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