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H&K MSG90 Sniper Rifle Overview

The H&K MSG90 is essentially a lighter, more portable, and soldier friendly version of the famous PSG1 rifle. It features many of its improvements and is accurized in much the same way, but has been put on a diet to better compete with more modern rifles. While the PSG1 was issued with a tripod [Read More…]

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PTR 91 Field Strip (HK G3 Clone)

The PTR 91 series of rifles are essentially HK91 clones that are built here in the USA on old Portuguese tooling. The rifles are priced right and shoot well, and many people are rediscovering the joys of roller delayed blowback as a result of their being on the market. So what do the guts look [Read More…]


TFB’s Rifle (And Subgun) Weight Omnibus – How Heavy is Your Rifle? (Part 1 of 3)

In October, I traveled out to see my co-writer Alex C. to collect data on the weights of different long guns and some of their components. Over that weekend, I weighed 58 rifles and submachine guns, and numerous magazines, bolts, bolt carriers, and other miscellaneous [Read More…]

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Small Arms of Furious 7

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google [Read More…]

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B&T At B&T Police & Military Day 2015

TFB friend Lionel attended the recent B&T Police & Military Day 2015 event, and covered some of the products exhibited there. The host, Swiss company B&T (formerly Brügger & Thomet AG), of course brought a large number of products to show off. Lionel [Read More…]

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