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Rumor: H&K USA Has Been Sold?!?!?!

According to a very active user at the HK Pro forums, H&K has been sold … I heard a little rumor this week at NASGW. Was confirmed by two different people. HK USA is being sold and will have a new owner. Bad news: HK MR762 SD is on hold. HK G36 civilan version [Read More…]

2-1 1920-1280 photo 1 MP5SDN issued hk416n-1 HK-Logo_V01 01494 GSG-5 as imported by ATI before H&K sued them and GSG. GALIL ACE being tested at FAMAE.

Decapitated Brass

A reader emailed us with the above photo … Long time reader here, I went shooting on Saturday and this is what happened to me! I was very baffled. it was Hornady Steel Match .308 FMJ fired out of a CETME. I had a couple of hiccups when I first bought my CETME, but [Read More…]

Police G36 7

H&K P30L 9mm Pistol Review

Our sister-blog All Outdoors has reviewed the Heckler & Koch H&K P30L … I have always wanted a $1,100 H&K pistol about the same way I have always wanted a BMW 7 series. In reality, there are many cars far less expensive that can deliver the utility of [Read More…]


The H&K VP9

Caleb Giddings, over at Gun Nuts Media, reviewed the new H&K VP9. He is rather positive of the VP9. As is expected from an H&K, it performs well. The only real negative is the stock sights. Caleb doesn’t like them that much and is an easy fix with some [Read More…]



Here is a video by H&K showing off the new H&K VP9. The VP9 will use the same mags as the H&K P30. They claim that the VP9 will have a superior trigger over other strikerfire handguns.

hk vp9

Product Announcement: HK VP9 Pistol

At SHOT this year, HK USA president Wayne Weber announced that a new striker fired pistol was in development. The mystery has been revealed as the VP9 pistol; The gun seems to borrow quite a lot from the P30 pistol and looks a bit like a Walther: MSRP is $719, so a [Read More…]

10291099_619534298138977_6936403550902934290_n IMG_3846 MR556-SD MR762A1-SD MG3KWS with Steiner Military 1-5x24 scope A Real H&K XM8 (top), Tommy Tactical conversion (bottom) HK243 IMG_1765 US Ordnance (USO) M60E6 featured hk mp5 brown green hk93ad