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Capture birchwood1 .22 1895 US Army Experimental WCR1 86151 315D93F900000578-0-image-a-5_1455879244214 cq5dam.web.835.835 0119161637b top 124243-125087 Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 1.16.32 AM

Libyan illicit arms Facebook Group

I came across this on accident, but there is a Facebook Group, based in Libya that is completely centered around the illicit small arms trade in that country. There is nothing surprising about the huge trade of illicit small arms in war torn countries, but the [Read More…]

11800301_942040132527109_2751991854363409392_n a53a2b73c1764e22b796316b82543a2b IMG_4824 20150221_164939-660x371 The Q22SMG2 .22 LR caliber submachine gun...World s Fastest .22 LR SMG    YouTube Umarex MP5 2245Lite1.0TFB 2014-12-02 02_09_37-Shooting .22 PELLETS Using NAIL GUN Blanks_ (2800+ FPS!) - YouTube rear-tech-sight-ruger-111914 _DSC0422s GM22_DSC0311web-660x440 GSG-5 as imported by ATI before H&K sued them and GSG. Remington 597 FLX Beretta U22 Neos DirtyBaffles-640 The X-Caliber in 12-gauge. Note the double triggers and picatinny rails. MSR_RX22_Precision

Anschütz MSR RX22 Now On Sale

I has taken over two years, but finally the Anschütz MSR RX22 is hitting US shores. The gun is being imported by Steyr Arms and being sold for $895 for the standard black and desert colored models (below), and $995 for the precision model (top). From the press [Read More…]


Found In A Storage Locker

A reader from Washington State who buys the contents of abandoned storage lockers, in the hopes that he can sell them for a profit, recently purchased a locker at auction for $90. Among this locker’s contents was a .22 single shot pistol wrapped up in newspaper [Read More…]



US Firearms has developed a nifty modular .22 firearms system called the ZIP. This little rectangular gun will be available in a pistol configuration or an SBR configuration. The SBR can be accessorised with a number of stocks or used as a secondary gun mounted [Read More…]


GSG STG-44 .22 LR now available

It has been a long time coming, but the GSG STG-44 .22 LR is finally shipping. Designed to precisely imitate the WWII Sturmgewehr, the .22 LR GSG STG-44 features a weight of 9.5lbs, a 17.2” barrel, an overall length of 37.2” and real solid wood furniture. It is [Read More…]