Lithgow Arms’ Premium Bolt Guns Are Coming to the US | SHOT 17

    As we wrap up our SHOT Show coverage, we turn to a new company on the US market, but an old name in Australia: Lithgow. This Australian gun company dates back to the Lithgow Small Arms Factory, established before World War I and located in New South Wales. Today, Lithgow brands itself as a high tech manufacturer, advertising its military Atrax bullpup rifle as using a completely novel polymer in the construction of its barrel cradle, for example. Lithgow’s US arm themselves will not be importing the Atrax (that will be handled by Dasan), but rather a line of premium bolt action rifles that have been sold on the Australian civilian market for several years now.

    These rifles, the centerfire LA102 and rimfire LA101, form the core of Lithgow’s civilian rifle line. At well over $1,000 MSRP each, both models sit solidly in the premium bolt action rifle market, with the centerfire LA102 competing directly with rifles like the Sako 85 and Sauer 101.┬áIndeed, the LA102 is similar in design to the Sauer 101, having similar receiver architecture and a similar wide-diameter bolt body with radial 120-degree bolt lugs (the LA102 having three lugs, and the Sauer 101 having six lugs in two rows). Unlike the Sauer, however, and more like the lower-priced Tikka T3, the LA102 uses a polymer bottom metal assembly and even uses T3 magazines.

    The rimfire LA101 will occupy an odd place on the US market, being one of the very few rimfires on the US market sitting above $1,000 in price. Whether the quality of the LA101 will make up for this high cost or not remains to be seen.

    I took the LA102 centerfire to the range on Industry Day, though sadly the range was steel only and out to just 100 yards. However, I found the LA102 to be very easy-handling, and easy to operate quickly.


    MSRP for the LA101 rimfire is listed at $1,145, with the LA102 centerfire’s at $1,269. They are being imported by Legacy Sports International, and should hit the US market soon.

    The LA101 rimfire’s bolt design is incredibly overbuilt for the task. Three lugs!

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]