LITHGOW ARMS Listens to Consumers & Produces 1st Centerfire Rifle

    Lithgow Arms

    Lithgow Arms LA102 Crossover in .308 Winchester

    Lithgow Arms is a small arms manufacturer located in Lithgow, New South Wales of Australia which surprises a lot of people. Not the ideal country to be manufacturing firearms, but they have been successful even still. They are primarily known for producing quality rimfire rifles as well as the Thales F90 which is similar to the more well known Steyr Aug rifle.

    After consistent demand and success with their LA101 Crossover rifle in .22 Long Rifle they are now looking to expand. Graham Evenden, the head of Lithgow Arms, further explained their move into centerfire offerings:

    Since launching Lithgow Arms we’ve had numerous requests to produce a centrefire rifle – and now we’re doing it. We really appreciate the support everyone has given the LA101, and we’re confident the new CrossOver will appeal to people who value durability, accuracy, and high-quality Australian manufacturing.

    The first caliber to be offered is .308 Winchester with plans to add in .223 Remington and .243 Winchester very soon. With this announcement of centerfire calibers coming out they are also expanding their LA101 Crossover line into .22 WMR and .17 HMR at the same time.

    Many American consumers may have never seen or handled a Lithgow Arms rifle before, but just by reading their specification sheet, you can tell quality is definitely present.

    Lithgow Arms

    Lithgow Arms LA102 Crossover rifle


    From the free-floated stock, Cerakote finish, target crown, and adjustable trigger you have the makings of a great shooting rifle. This looks to be a move in the right direction for Lithgow Arms by making themselves a more complete firearm company.

    To view the LA101 Crossover, LA102 Crossover, and other offerings from Lithgow Arms visit their website HERE.

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