22Plinkster Sees How His Ammo is Made

    While there is a plethora of videos showing how common centerfire ammunition is made, 22LR and similar rimfire ammunition has been kept relatively close to the chest. CCI had a video out a few years ago, but it disappeared from their official YouTube outlet and was not saved anywhere that I remember.

    The general process is a secret no longer. Using their sponsored shooter and YouTube shooter extraordinaire 22Plinkster, CCI has opened the factory yet again for us to enjoy. While CCI does not show much of the individual machines running (that would be a trade secret), they do a pretty good job of opening the curtain and showing the process.


    The process for making 22LR is surprisingly involved.

    • Cup Forming
    • Annealing
    • Wash & Dry
    • Drawing
    • Wash & Dry
    • Cap Forming
    • Plate Filling
    • Sizing
    • Primer Charging & Drying
    • Propellant Charging
    • Bullet Loading (Which does not include making the bullet!
    • Mating of Bullet & Charged Case
    • Bullet Seating & Crimping
    • Waxing
    • Packaging

    Enough reading, enjoy the video showing the process. The amount of lead that is used on a daily basis is astounding!

    Nathan S

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