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Top 5 Guns We Wish Were More Popular

In a world full of AR15s and AK variants, few companies dare to be different. This list deals with a few offerings on the market that we wish would make more range appearances but tend to sit on the shelves or in distributor warehouses. Criteria for this list requires the guns to be listed by [Read More…]

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M1 Garand Field Strip

The American M1 Garand was the world’s first general issue semi-automatic rifle. It is famous for many reasons (such as the harmonious ping it makes when ejecting its en bloc clip), but it is a magnificent piece of engineering that you can only truly appreciate by seeing what’s inside. [Read More…]

P7130361 yeIBMz5 RC11 featured 13615313_1822739367945438_5045380087675355259_n Photo courtesy of Nathaniel F. IMG_2987 red dot 25yd300 mod1 (ar-15) Capture An_Indian_soldier_during_a_joint_exercise_with_U.S._Soldiers_at_Camp_Bundela_in_2009