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TFBTV Mythbusting: Silenced SIG MPX

In the comments to James’ recent video review of the SIG MPX (click here to see it), he noticed that a number of TFB viewers said the MPX was filthier than daytime television when you shot it suppressed. Given that so many TFBTV commenters claimed that a silenced MPX would gas out anyone behind [Read More…]

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Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings

Some guns just seem to attract the most ravenous fanboys. These fanatics collaborate and overtime form cult-like cells within the community of firearm enthusiasts. In this video we explore five firearms that have developed a fan base akin to cults, often bordering on outright religious behavior.

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Russian Belt-Fed Pistol

Unknown belt-fed pistol. Anyone read Cyrillic? Looks like it is a 7.62mm and possibly 20rd belt? I think the hook protruding out the back might be the charging handle? Is this pistol semi auto or manually actuated? Perhaps it is like a revolver and the trigger advances [Read More…]

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AR180 Rifle: Crude Gun, Incredible Legacy

The Armalite AR18 and its civilian counterpart (the AR180) were marketed as affordable alternatives to more expensive designs of the period. While the rifle failed to take off or find a lucrative military contract, the gas system (or elements of it) has been used in many different designs. In this [Read More…]

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