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ruger lc9s

Ruger LC9s Pro Model

Ruger announced they will begin selling a new version of the LC9s that deletes the thumb safety and magazine disconnect. The Pro Model will retain the same dimensions and other features of the LC9s, including: caliber: 9mm magazine capacity: 7 rounds barrel length: [Read More…]

IWI US Steel Frame Jericho 941 holiday-photos M9A3-b1

500 Yards with a .22LR Pistol

Just when you think Jerry Miculek was the king of long range handgun shots, YouTuber 22 Plinkster has taken it up a notch with a smaller round. Using a Colts Woodsman and 36-grain Federal Champion (HP) ammunition, he hits a torso-sized steel plate at 500 yards. Its [Read More…]

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