Henry Mare’s Leg in .22 Magnum

Henry Repeating Arms recently released their version of a Mare’s Leg chambered in .22 Magnum. What’s a Mare’s Leg you ask? It’s essentially a lever-action rifle with the barrel and stock chopped off. It was made popular by Steve McQueen’s [Read More…]


DIY Salient Arms AR-15

In the past couple of months, Salient Arms International sold matched uppers and lowers. They were on sale for $350. I bought a set and in the past two weeks, built my version of the Salient Tier 1 AR-15. For those not familiar with the Tier 1, here is a review. [Read More…]

Sturmgewehr_45_reproduction Capture HK_1280x1024_01 Bond Arms

CA Legal Bond Arms Handguns

Bond Arms announced four new California compliant handguns at the recent NRA show. They are the: CA Papa Bear: Chambered in .45 Colt, this handgun has extended rubber grips adorned with the California bear. This gun has an automatic extractor that the other models below [Read More…]

Glock 2015-04-21 06_58_42-At the Range_ History of Suppressors _ Guns & Ammo Components (barrel and slide assemblies) of a Solid Concepts 1911 DMLS pistol,
produced using DMLS ucwrg11.5bcm US1184078-0 Capture hi-lux_max_b_dot_1 2015-04-20 00_25_47-Bad and Good - RAS47 Review - American made AK - YouTube SW-model-10