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India’s Schizophrenic Rifle Program Stutters Forward: Excalibur to Be Adopted in Interim, 7.62x39mm Rifle Sought

The frothing, boiling cauldron that is India’s collective rifle development and procurement entities has shifted again. Just two weeks ago, we reported to you that India had restarted its search for a 7.62x51mm foreign assault rifle to replace the INSAS. Now, we [Read More…]

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“Why Didn’t He Design Anything Else?” Looking at Mikhail Kalashnikov’s Forgotten Firearms Portfolio

Last weekend, I took the major arguments of Kalashnikov conspiracy theorists head on, and one of those – which I hear rather frequently – is why he did not design any other weapons besides the AK-47. The reason is… He did. Kalashnikov was a skilled and [Read More…]

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Timney Announces 2016 Customer’s Choice Offering – Replacement Two-Stage Triggers for Ruger Precision Rifle

Anyone who’s been shooting very long at all is familiar with Timney triggers. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say they make the best triggers available. Of course, there are a couple of companies that make excellent triggers but Timney has always seemed to me to [Read More…]

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Portable DESTRUCTION: Ukrainian Firm Develops Handheld Automatic Grenade Launcher

How much firepower can you hold in your hands? Quite a lot, according to Kiev-based Precision Systems, who has developed a handheld automatic 30mm grenade launcher capable of dispensing five 30x29mm grenades quickly when used by just a single individual. News of this [Read More…]

Corporal Ryan Salacinski, a native of Laurel, Montana, and a guest member of the Marine Corps Shooting Team, shoots his weapon May 6 during the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting 2015 at the Puckapunyal Military Area, Victoria, Australia. AASAM is an annual, international combat-marksmanship competition hosted by the Australian Army, May 6 to 22. The MCST is comprised of 12 Marines with Marine Corps Base Quantico and Marine Rotational Force - Darwin to represent the Marine Corps in this year’s competition. Salacinski is a sniper with 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, MRF-D.  (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Marcin Platek/Released) Austrian_Company_Ritter_and_Stark_launches_its_SX-1_modular_tactical_rifle_on_American_market_640_001 img_6559 Nammo Group ff489346a726971bee27ac4c807774ad Gun Truths Stealth Precision Image source: Konstantin Lazarev, used with permission beamshot

Beamshot “Insider” – Multi-Function Laser Light System and NATO Powered Rail

Background: You may remember NATO’s “Powered Rail Team”, consisting of 10 nations with the common goal of bringing forward a STANAG (NATO standardization document) for a Powered Accessory Rail for small firearms? Think a Picatinny rail, but with power [Read More…]

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