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FN15_DMR_II_Rside IMG_6277-0 IMG_4855 Mark III DOA Hunter XP 15039627_1250090448346851_4383906154169432021_o Norinco T97 Family 15129441_1892125977673443_1928564308637445497_o Ruger AR-Lower Receiver DSC06431 12186732_10205818804770853_6309941692139922556_o Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 6.31.46 PM 2 LWRC M6 Rifle 15178052_341116162916845_2063307688731977743_n Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 8.29.42 PM SBP DSC07061 Defense.gov_News_Photo_101101-M-6340O-058_-_U.S._Marine_Corps_Lance_Cpl._Steven_J._Zandstra_provides_security_at_a_checkpoint_in_Sangin_Helmand_province_Afghanistan_on_Nov._1_2010

Has “The Silencing” Begun? The Marine Corps Experimenting by Suppressing an Entire Battalion

On the defense side, sound suppressors have been relegated to special roles ever since their invention. Used to give stealth to special operatives, assassins, and direct action teams, silencers have been valuable tools, but not central fixtures in normal military [Read More…]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 4: Submachine Guns, Cont’d [GUEST POST]

The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make [Read More…]

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Kenya Burns 5,000+ Guns

Before you shed any tears, I want you to review the attached pictures and see if there are any rifles you would have saved from destruction in Kenya. A cursory search shows at least a few Yugoslavian AKs, HK-91s and maybe even a single shot break-action H&R rifle [Read More…]

img_6587 Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.40.50 PM 13434856_105339319892155_3999148569337702489_n Workhorse Electronic Trap Malyuk - 660x370 Elite Hunter IMG_4851 IMG_4835 M92 right side A render of the REV A03 magazine prototype, which became the Hexmag HX30-AR. In 2014, the company fell out with the magazine's designer, Adam Schefter, and now has attempted to erase him from the company's official history. Image credit: Adam Schefter

BREAKING: Hexmag CAUGHT Erasing Magazine’s Designer from Official Company History – A TFB EXCLUSIVE

In a story that could be ripped right from the annals of Stalin-era Soviet history, polymer AR-15 magazine manufacturer Hexmag has been caught whitewashing its official corporate history to eliminate any mention of the original designer of the magazine, replacing him [Read More…]