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Dear Hollywood, if you want to be tacti-cool and dual wield a AR-15 and a knife, make sure you have a rear sight installed, otherwise you just look stupid. As seen on The Walking Dead. [ Many thanks to Clinton for the sending in the photo. ]

National Geographic’s Family Guns

Next week National Geographic will begin airing a nine-part series about a father and son who run a antique weapons business. The trailer looks good … From the press release … Meet the Indiana Joneses of historical weaponry: father-son duo Christian and Alex [Read More…]

Gangster Gun on American Guns

Did I say Gangster Gun? I meant Wedding Anniversary Gun. I am rarely critical of guns, I don’t discriminate, I love ‘em all, but even I have my limits. MSNBC reports … Even with $12,000 worth of diamonds, it does not comes close to being “the No. [Read More…]

History’s Top Shot

History’s new reality series “Top Shot” debuts on Sunday, June 6th at 10pm (EST). One of the contestants is my fellow gun blogger Caleb Giddings who blogs at Gun Nuts Media. I am really looking forward to watching it. Caleb has blogged about the show.