EXCLUSIVE: Full30 Mobile App In Development

    Firearms Not Politics, remember? So I will start off by saying that the Internet is a big place. Some of these places share our passion for firearms. Others do not. There, all done. Full30.com is a safe, judgement-free zone where all of your favorite reviewers, entertainers, personalities and demolition experts hang out. Every one of them has a trigger virtually glued to a finger (or two), all-the-while making quality shooting videos.

    But I was shocked to find out that a fairly low percentage of shooters, gun owners and outdoorsmen/women actually know that Full30.com exists. Seriously, in just a little over a year, they now have hundreds of videos available for streaming – and as of last week, all in 1080P.

    I had a chance to talk with Full30.com’s managing partner Tim Harmsen about the past, present and future of the burgeoning media outlet. And, as the owner/host of the Military Arms Channel (MAC), I guess you could say he’s somewhat of a subject matter expert in the online video business. So, why not stick with YouTube?

    “One day YouTube is going to decide they don’t want our channels anymore,” said Harmsen. “Not only that, but content-producers get treated poorly – and not just those that are in the firearms industry.” Harmsen explained that channels are not allowed to be sponsored, post links outside of YouTube and they are restricted on certain types of advertisements . For example, MAC works closely with OpticsPlanet.com, but since the Adsense terms of service bars advertisers that sell knives, it is also blocked on YouTube.

    About four years ago Harmsen was sitting around and hanging out with fellow shooter-personalities Hickok45 and 22Plinkster talking about ‘what-ifs’. Like ‘what-if YouTube decided to pull the plug’ on firearms content on their site. And the Full30 ball was off and rolling. When Hickok45’s channel was dumped not once but twice a few days last year, it was all the evidence Harmsen and crew needed to show that Full30 had a place on the Internet.

    One of the best parts: Full30 doesn’t license or rent a single piece of code or physical technology – they own everything. This allows the company to maintain full control of both their content and advertising.

    Yes, Full30 has ads. But they are gun ads! Instead of getting hit in the face with a Huggies or Hot-Pocket commercial and just waiting to hit the skip button, you can actually watch a Daniel Defense or Griffin Armament spot – and not race to fast forward. “Our ad click-through percentages are very high compared to traditional banners,” said Harmsen. And if you think about it, the platform is probably the best consumer/vendor relationship in the firearm business – every viewer loves firearms, and every advertiser sells guns and/or accessories.

    For everyone waiting for a Full30 App, it’s coming. To be clear, there is no anticipated release date yet, but it’s definitely in development and will eventually be available on both the iOS and Android App stores.

    Full30.com Mobile App preview.

    Full30.com Mobile App preview.



    Full30.com Mobile App preview.

    So, now that you know they exist, grab an ammo can, a box of mags and start jamming 30-rounders while Full30 entertains you one night. More importantly, share links to Full30 rather than YouTube whenever possible.

    I’m not going to list all of their channels here, but I’ve included a few of my favorites.

    Full channel listing: https://www.full30.com/channels/all

    NFA REVIEW (My boy Adam gets top billing)









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