Remington Under Fire: A CNBC Investigation

    CNBC are airing an expose on the Remington Model 700 rifles claiming that they fire without the trigger being pulled and that this has resulted in deaths and injuries going back sixty years …

    The result of a 10-month investigation, CNBC examines allegations that the world’s most popular hunting rifle is prone to firing without pulling the trigger, and that its manufacturer, Remington, has been aware of the situation for 60 years. Dozens of deaths and scores of injuries have been traced to the alleged problem. The story is told through corporate insiders, internal documents dating back to 1945, and a father searching for answers about the death of his nine-year-old son.

    CNBC’S REMINGTON UNDER FIRE: A CNBC INVESTIGATION Will Premiere On Wednesday, October 20th at 9PM ET

    The show will repeat that evening at 10PM ET, 12AM ET and 1AM ET.

    The documentary will also repeat on the following dates/times:

    Sunday, October 24th at 10PM ET

    Thursday, October 28th at 8PM ET and 12AM ET

    Sunday, October 31st at 1AM ET

    Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD: The newest Model 700 rifles. reports that Remington deny the allegations …

    Remington says it did provide the network with factual information and background materials but says “it appears that the story will be based on unproven allegations from trial lawyers.”

    A Remington spokesperson says the company continues to stand behind the Model 700 product that’s being scrutinized.

    I am interested to see what CNBC alleges is wrong with the Remington 700. It is widely known, and acknowledged by the company, that pre-1982 Model 700 rifles can fire automatically when the safety switched to the “Fire” position.

    The problem with the pre-82 models was with the bolt-lock mechanism design. The bolt lock was enabled when the safety was turn on. The bolt lock prevents the bolt from being accidentally opened slightly, and therefor being unable to be fired, when stalking game. This mechanism was removed in 1982 after a lawsuit against the company.

    The lawsuit was an unfortunate incident in Remington’s history. The company knew about the problem, as did users of the Remington 700, but they had done nothing about it. But that was over 30 years ago. Since then the company has, and continues, to offer a Safety Modification program

    If you own a Remington Model 700 or Model 40-X rifle:

    Only those Model 700 or 40-X rifles made before March 1982 were manufactured with a bolt-lock mechanism. Model 700 or 40-X rifles made after March 1982 do not have a bolt-lock mechanism and may be loaded and unloaded with the safety in the “S” or “On Safe” position. Consequently, post-1982 Model 700 or 40-X rifles are not subject to this bolt-lock Safety Modification Program.

    In either case, the total cost to you is $20 plus shipping and handling. You will also receive a safety redemption certificate to complete and submit in order to receive a free blaze orange hat (one hat per certificate).

    It seems unlikely that in the internet age that there would be a widespread flaw with the most popular hunting rifle in America but yet unknown by the internet community. We shall see.

    [ Full disclosure: As I have previously disclosed, The Freedom Group, who own Remington, advertise on this blog. ]

    [ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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