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The Rimfire Report: The Savage Arms Minimalist Rimfire Rifle Savage Arms MINIMALIST Rimfire Rifles DIY kydex trigger guard holster VanGuard 2 and Glock 43

[SHOT 2018] High Threat Concealment

In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 to the High Threat Concealment booth. High Threat Concealment offers some great options for concealing mission essential equipment for contractors, military, and government agencies operating in nonpermissive environments. This year HTC brings [Read More…]

Bungee Holster

I thought this might be a joke. But sadly it is not. Bungee Holster is a hair scrunchie made a little bit longer and is used to strap a pistol to your belt. Now Bungee Holster does address safety with regards to using this holster. He recommends that you do not [Read More…]