POTD: Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 – Glock 43

    VanGuard 2 and Glock 43

    Image Provided by Ty Wyatt through discord

    The Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 on a Glock 43

    Just recently on the discord chat room, I was chatting with a user, and he mentioned that he was absolutely loving his VanGuard 2. I actually had not heard of these holsters before (which I’m sure will give somebody something to rag on me in the comments for), but I knew of a similar concept. TFB’s own James Reeves had actually used something called the Clipdraw during his video titled Five Summer Concealed Pistol Carry Methods + Beach Jam Playlist. Somewhat horrifying preview image aside, it was a fun and informational video.

    To bring us back to this POTD, I asked Ty to send me some pictures of his VanGuard, and he happily obliged. He repeatedly mentioned how great this holster was for him. Ty mentioned working as a technician, and that a full Kydex holster took up too much of his belt space. This, however, he said, fit him perfectly and mentioned that in order to draw he felt it forced your index finger out straight instead of potentially entering the trigger guard.

    Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 on a Glock 43

    The inside face of the VanGuard 2.

    This was the image that started this whole post. As you can see, the VanGuard covers the trigger guard, acting as a trigger lock while the gun is holstered. The clip (pictured in the header) then attaches to your belt or waistband for minimalist carry.

    VanGuard 2 and Glock 43 on body carry

    The VanGuard 2 and Glock 43 holstered on Ty’s belt. Easily concealed and easily accessed in this AIWB position.

    Here Ty is showing how he uses the holster. The hook goes over his belt and the Glock fits snugly at about the 12:30 position. Here it is being used for AIWB carry, but it can be placed at any position comfortable for you. Further, the clip is reversible, and according to Raven Concealment’s website is fully ambidextrous, which is good news for lefties like yours truly.

    VanGuard 2 and Glock 43 on a white background

    A different angle of the VanGuard 2 on a Glock 43

    All Images Provided by Ty Wyatt through discord.