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Strike Industries New Link Cobra Cable Management Foregrip Cable Management System Sleeve Multidirectional

Strike’s Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management

I still live that quad rail life. I have a lot of Picatinny rail on my AR, and a few cables, as well. I’ve cut myself on enough sharp edges from crudely severed cable ties to know that there must be a better way. Strike Industries has been releasing a lot of cable [Read More…]

NEW Strike Industries Long & Short M-LOK Cable Management Covers

NEW Strike Industries Long & Short M-LOK Cable Management Covers

As we add more and more crap onto the handguard of our carbines, things can get a bit messy. Most of what we attach is electronic in nature: weapon lights, IR devices, marital aides, etc. Many of these also have cables. If you run an M-LOK handguard and need some help [Read More…]

Meet the M-LOK Handbrake and Micro Cable Clips from Emissary Development. TNVC and Forward Controls Design have announced their new collaboration: the M-LOK PCM (Panel, Cable Management). Arson Machine Co. is looking to make cable management a breeze with their WireGuide System. Bang Band Strike Industries Angled Vertical M-LOK Grip with Cable Management Feature (26)